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Category Archives: Motor show

Car events of the year.


We are finally nearing a close on the winter months, with the summer looking more and more desirable by the day. Yearning for sun, blue skies and winding roads to break onto. With the warmer months soon to descend, car events are going to be the main focus for many; March to July will see a fully booked calendar for many like-minded car enthusiasts. We run through our top events set for 2017…it’s going to be a busy summer!. Continue reading

Top Gear: Take Two


When the original three departed from the BBC stage of top gear, the motoring world was up in arms about who could possibly replace the dynamic trio. The sheer rudeness, yet endearing nature of Clarkson, the wit and hilarity of May and the constant interjections from Hammond were to be sorely missed by millions of viewers. Continue reading

Customised number plate

The Fast Show 2015 – Run What Ya Brung

As much as we love motorsport, we can’t help feeling it is elitist. A 2009 Astra just doesn’t have the same heritage as McLaren and track days tend to cost a fortune.

That’s why the Fast Show’s ‘Run What Ya Brung’ is one of the most exciting events on the motoring calendar. It’s a celebration of the big, the bold and the ambitious – whether you’re coveting a powerful beemer or a smaller car you’ve modified yourself. Continue reading

The NEC Motor Show: Celebrating the Classics

As the NEC Classic Motor Show draws near and petrol-heads around the country hunt out their chamois leathers, we’re getting rather nostalgic about the motors we’ve loved and lost from previous years. So, in celebration of our Classic Motor Show competition (that’s right, we’ve got two weekend tickets to give to you good people!), we’re celebrating our absolute favourites from previous years. Continue reading

‘TAX 1′..


TAX 1. In one of the first big number plate stories of the year, a registration that has been under .. Read More