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Category Archives: Motoring advice

Top tips to keep your car looking brand new


Any car, regardless of how beautifully built it is, will eventually dwindle in performance and looks if it’s somewhat ignored by its owner. With many cars being things of beauty, there is no place for error or mistreat. Often, car owners look towards their Sundays as being the day to dedicate to their precious motors, attending to both the interior and exterior of their cars to ensure it’s expertly cleaned and polished. But, it would seem that there are many that don’t know the best ways to uphold the quality of a car; so, we’ve pulled together our top tips to keep your car looking (almost) brand new. Continue reading

Considering a Classic?

vosy-vh3v2c-jg-photographyElectronic, aerodynamic, EcoBoost technology and LED lights; just a few of the common features for the mesmerising upcoming cars of 2017. With cars speeding into the realms of futuristic design, the motoring world has never been so exciting. However, many of us still hold a strong desire to regress back to the world of classic cars; works of art that still reign supreme in the car world, no matter the progression. Continue reading

Gadgets to Modernise an Older Car

Thanks to their shine and new car smell, brand new cars in the showroom are often hard to resist, especially when it comes down to their tech appeal. In car technology has grown so quickly over the last decade, even cars that are a few years old can be lacking when it comes to gadgets. However, unlike our smartphones, our cars don’t need to be updated every year to get a tech refresh – there are so many products on the market to bring almost any older car into the 21st century and we have 5 of the best here…
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Top Tips for Maintaining Car Health

You wouldn’t go as long as a year to get a haircut so why would you go a full year without checking your car in between services? Of course one of the most reassuring things about new cars are they need much less-frequent services to ensure they are running well however with increased service intervals often up between 15,000 and 20,000 miles, there are some checks you must do yourself to keep your car in good health for as long as possible.

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How to get the most out of your Holiday Car Hire

Some of us can’t wait to escape the huge motorway queues – ditching the car for a week or two is a holiday in itself (never mind all the sangria and sun). Others of us, meanwhile, love to get out and explore in a new vehicle – choosing that all-important holiday hire is one of the most exciting parts of the trip. Regardless, car-hire companies can occasionally be a slippy surface to navigate, particularly when you’re abroad. To make sure you make the right choice for your needs, here’s our advice for the best holiday car hire.

holiday car hire tips and advice

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Changes to road tax from April 2017

To drive a car on UK roads, first and foremost you must have valid car insurance and have the correct level of tax on the vehicle. This includes when you first purchase a car and drive it from a dealers forecourt. Although you have to organise your own insurance and tax, some dealerships may tax the car for you (for example, 6 months tax may have been included on the price of the car or, you could negotiate to have this thrown in as an extra).

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Car Paintwork Hacks

If you’ve almost been tempted to take your sleeve to a particularly toxic lump of Seagull crap that encrusted itself onto your beloved bonnet then we don’t judge. If you’ve ever walked an extra 500 yards to avoid parking under that sap-sticky tree then we understand that too.

The car lovers amongst us have always been a little bit over-protective when it comes to our paintwork, but now that pearlescent white is so darn trendy, the challenge is well and truly on. Continue reading

‘TAX 1′..


TAX 1. In one of the first big number plate stories of the year, a registration that has been under .. Read More