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Category Archives: Motoring fun

The best Summer drives across the UK.


The beautiful weather is yet to cease and we are adamant on making the most of the warmer months. So, of course, what better way to experience our beautiful island, other than to hop in your favourite car and explore the incredible scenes that are on offer. As you can imagine, Scotland has a lot to offer when it comes to summer driving; from winding roads through mountains to spectacular views of many lochs that the country holds. We’ve put together our most loved routes, so you can experience the wonders of our small island. Fingers crossed it isn’t raining; you may even get a chance to camp! Continue reading

Top tips for buying a used car.


Buying a used car can be a great way to save some much-needed cash, especially when looking at comparative prices for brand new cars. It can be your answer to a cheap and cheerful runaround or you could strike lucky and find the car of your dreams. However, it’s well known that there are many a wheeler-dealer around that will take advantage at any opportunity; so we’ve put together our top tips to get you through your first deal! Continue reading

The Best Spring Vehicles


Driving in the warmer months is the best feeling for many car enthusiasts, whether there is a destination in mind or you’re simply driving, to drive. But, there is little point in driving in the warmer months if you’re not able to properly take in the smells, views and atmosphere of the Spring/Summer. With that in mind, we have trawled through our favourite cars to give you the top cars to take you through the long, bright and beautiful days ahead of us; take it as a perfect starting opportunity to plan your dream summer road trip… Continue reading

The Best Road trips for 2017

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 17.46.30

With 2017 just around the corner, now is the time to get planning for the year ahead and the many adventures you want to embark upon. Whether you want to simply plan a few weekend trips away to a UK town, or you want to drive halfway across Europe, we have picked our top road trips for 2017; offering you beautiful views and an adventure thrill.  Continue reading

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Car Mad Dad

It’s no surprise that at Number 1 Plates, both our replacement car and novelty plates are incredibly popular gifts for auto-loving gents – particularly on Father’s Day. To make sure you’re not driving down the wrong road this year, here’s our gift guide for presents any car-mad dad will love (almost) as much as his set of wheels:

Continue reading

You’ve been framed: The dirty dash-cam diaries

In the old days, as in like 2007, the only thing motorists had to worry about was policemen and traffic wardens. There was always the fear that the idiot in the errant BMW (that you just stuck your finger up at) would turn out to be your new boss, but this was always a chance worth taking when someone cut you up.

Now the world is watching via the phenomenon of dash cams. And as far as candid filming is concerned, these humble little sidekicks have filmed some of the juiciest news scenes around. In the US it might be for ‘claim and blame’ reasons, but over here it’s far more British. Fail to queue and you will be named and shamed for the world to see. Continue reading

‘TAX 1′..


TAX 1. In one of the first big number plate stories of the year, a registration that has been under .. Read More