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Category Archives: Timeless favourites

Considering a Classic?

vosy-vh3v2c-jg-photographyElectronic, aerodynamic, EcoBoost technology and LED lights; just a few of the common features for the mesmerising upcoming cars of 2017. With cars speeding into the realms of futuristic design, the motoring world has never been so exciting. However, many of us still hold a strong desire to regress back to the world of classic cars; works of art that still reign supreme in the car world, no matter the progression. Continue reading

Top tips for buying a classic vehicle


There’s something magic about a vintage model. With the signature of the (actually human) team who built it practically marked on each and every piece, comes a certain sense of responsibility and a certain pride. You’re not just driving a car, you’re preserving an artwork and a piece of history.

However, with any piece of ageing finery (people included) comes great responsibility and important considerations. Buying a classic car for the first time might seem daunting, but here are our tips for making sure your purchase is the best investment for you.

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‘TAX 1′..


TAX 1. In one of the first big number plate stories of the year, a registration that has been under .. Read More