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The best gifts for your car mad dad

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With Father’s day around the corner, it seems only right that we would put forward a list of some of the best gifts on offer this year for you to treat your dad to. Of course, it’s not always about the gift, but it certainly does add a nice gesture to the day of thanks! We’ve rounded up the best for the ‘car mad’ dad alongside some original gifts that will leave a smile on his face all day. Continue reading

The best gadgets to upgrade your car.


There were predictions of flying cars, flying trainers and all sorts of high-tech, futuristic gadgets for 2017; alas, we haven’t come quite as far we’d have hoped, but there are still some pretty incredible gadgets on the market for car and gadget fanatics. So, we’ve rounded up the best of the bunch to bring you the must have car gadgets this year, getting you ready for the unexpected and the downright cool! Continue reading

Preparing Your Car for Winter

We know it’s a few months away from the winter yet but if you have ever been stranded in the midst of winter you’ll know all too well, the importance of being prepared. Driving in cold, winter weather presents some of the most challenging driving conditions and breakdowns more than double in the winter months so we’re here to help you get your car prepared in plenty of time as well as sharing the best products to help you through the winter months.

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All new cars to be electric in Germany by 2030

Back at the beginning of the year we cast our predictions on what we expect to see more of this year – personalisation, driverless cars and you guessed it, electric vehicles. Now electric vehicles aren’t a new thing but they have certainly grown in popularity over the years. Would you believe there are now 50,000 plug-in vehicles on UK roads compared to only 3,500 3 years ago in 2013? We know, it’s crazy but it’s all down to a heavier taxes on emissions, a shift in attitude towards electric cars, constantly improving public charging outlets across UK cities and greater choice of vehicles.

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The 5 stages of being stuck in a traffic jam…

We’ve all been there. It’s Friday afternoon and all you want to do is get home, but the four mile long tailback on the motorway is telling you otherwise.

It’s times like these when you start to wonder why you ever bothered with your driving test in the first place. After all, you spend more time sat stationary than you do actually using your driving skills.
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