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Electric cars; what to buy?


The extraordinary news that came this Summer and somewhat, distressing to car lovers nationwide, is, of course, the government’s plans to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040, which to many may seem light years away, but at the time of this article is in fact only 23 years away. Therefore, we are expecting to see an increase from all major car brands to produce the best and most affordable electric cars in the years to come. With biofuels and zero-emissions technologies to become the norm in the motoring world, we are looking forward to the futuristic models to arrive in the next twenty years.

Some motorists are already making the switch to electric cars, putting their best foot forward in the fight against fossil fuels, and, we can see why, with an increased range of low running costs, paired with innovative technology, electric cars are definitely a positive and cost effective change. With their increased popularity, we are seeing big brands such as BMW announcing their all-electric Mini model and Volkswagen, their own electric version of the famous Campervan.

Now, of course, we know that many have the worry about the scarcity of electric chargers across the UK, especially outside of cities, however, Shell has recently announced their plans to introduce electric chargers in all UK petrol stations, accompanied by a charging station map to curb your sense of dread when the ‘fuel’ drops low. If that wasn’t enough to turn you; the government are offering grants to reduce the price you pay for your brand new electric vehicle, the amount of this grant is, of course, dependent on the amount of Co2 emissions your car produces and only certain models that have been approved by the government are eligible, but, choose wisely and part of your new car could very well be paid for by the suits in Parliament!

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best electric cars of 2017 to give you a head start in the ‘electric world’.

Of course, we had to include the infamous creation from Elon Musk, the Tesla Model X, which could possibly be the leader in electric cars on the market today, not only because it’s made by the pioneers of the electric motoring world, but because it no longer resembles a stereotypical electric car. Looking as flash as the top rival cars on the market, the Tesla Model X combines the horsepower of a sportscar with the practicality of a 4X4. Featuring falcon-wing doors (which many not be everyone’s cup of tea, but definitely, boasts a ‘Batman-esque’ feel) and autopilot mode, this car will push you into the future with both speed and comfort.

If you’re looking for something that is less likely to break the bank but still drive you into the future, then look no further than the Renault Zoe. Now, whilst it’s not leading in luxury interior or a plethora of gadgets, it most certainly will transport you comfortably a considerable distance. With a range that extends to 100 miles of driving when in Eco mode, the Zoe is the perfect city car to zip around in. From 0 to 30 in just under 4 seconds, this is the answer to all urban drivers looking for a more eco-friendly ride.

Next up, we have the sophisticated BMW i3, a small, yet mighty package of power. This rear-wheel drive model is powered by a 168 hp electric motor, has a body is constructed from carbon fibre-reinforced plastic that has been micro-engineered to balance both weight and strength, and also features aerodynamic wheels to keep you moving smoothly. Featuring a light-toned, design orientated interior, it provides both space and comfort to any driver.

Las,t but by no means, least the 100% electric Nissan Leaf has been developed with ‘game-changing’ technology that produces zero emissions; designed for those who believe that positive change can make a difference to the environment. With up to 135 miles range from a single charge, reduced running costs and a rapid charge port that can be installed at home, the LEAF is your low-cost hero on the market.

So, are you convinced, will you be making the switch? If you’re not quite ready for an electric future, don’t fret, there are still many years on the clock to explore the less environmentally friendly motors, but there is no harm in crossing over to the brighter side for some 0% emissions fun.

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