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The Footman James Classic Car Show Manchester

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This weeks blog post is about The Footman James Classic Car Show. A fairly new event, it’s hosted at EventCity in Manchester, making it the biggest indoor classic car show north of the NEC. The venue is a huge location at 300,000 sq. feet and that means one thing, more room for great cars, exhibits and traders. Unlike many classic car shows, a break in the weather can’t force this one to a halt, it’s all indoor. This makes the event fairly unique on the whole, and it shows. This event was only created in 2013, and in 4 years it has become one of the largest shows of its kind in the UK.

In 2016 Andy Rouse, the show’s organiser was asked about to event just gone by and he replied ‘The show was a great success, I haven’t gone through and counted every head but my early estimation is a total audience of around 11,000’. This goes to show the popularity that the events has gained throughout it’s early years.


A Mixed Bag

This Footman James Classic Car Show Manchester has been created to ensure that every generation has something to enjoy, something they find incredible. With a host of rare and classic cars for the older guests, the ‘I had one of those in red… And blue’ for the 70’s and 80’s drivers, and cars right up until the present day jaw-droppers that many of us dream of owning. With kids under 16 having the gift of free entry, it’s clear to see that the hosts want families to come and enjoy the day together, look, learn and enjoy the full experience.

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Live Classic Rally

If you’re a rally fan you will simply love this. That classic cars come back to reignite your passion for the sport. Group B rally cars like Audi Quattro and Metro 6R4 captivated the huge numbers of TV viewers that watched rally in 1980s and have since been lost in memory. I personally was born in the 90’s and I love looking at these cars, they seem like real engineering masterpieces. The small, nimble look of some of these cars almost make them look like they shouldn’t be able to do the things they do, but as the cliche goes, they are the gift that keep on giving!

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If you head over to the events website, you can find a list of the trade stands that attended the Classic Car Show in 2016 (with 2017 listings coming soon!). From Vauxhall Viva owners club, to KCG engineering, and Dogs Trust to the Rolls-Royce Enthusiast Club there are stalls to cover almost anything car related… and then some.

This list is a great place to get an idea of with the event is like, and with its growing popularity, traders are certainly not going to want to lose their place at the show.

Hands-on Restoration Demos

Obviously, the event is based on bringing out the best in the classic car world. And keeping these car running, let alone in immaculate condition can be more than a handful. To help you with your DIY car amendments, a team from Leeds City College are going to be on site showing you the ropes, in some detail. Including panel forming and welding, they’re going to cover a range of useful technique that may be very useful to you.

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Charity Drive with The Sporting Bears Motor Club

This part of the event takes a piece from every corner of what the show is about and put it into one 5-10 miles drive. As a passenger you be able to take pride in some of the world’s most iconic cars. Famous for different reasons, the car they choose are recognisable even to the part-time enthusiast, they year they boasted McLaren’s and Lamborghinis to name just two.

This works on a donation-to-ride basis. Car owners donate the petrol, time and milage while you, the passengers donate to charity, 100% to charity. If you want to know more and the cars, the donations or anything else to do with this event, head over to their website and find all the information you’ll need.

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