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Frankfurt Motor Show 2017


As it does every year, anticipation is constantly on the rise as the Frankfurt Motor Show draws nearer. This huge event is a venue for the latest tech and new innovations to be showcased to the world. In some cases, its just a day for the world’s leading car manufacturers to show off and flex their muscles to visitors. The show opens it’s doors for 10 days from the 14th September this year, with the first two days being reserved as ‘trade days’ and the rest, open to the public. 

There are a host of new vehicles being unveiled at this years event, some more eagerly anticipated than others and some almost guaranteed not to disappoint (the same can’t be said for all of them).

Among the manufactures releasing new motors are:



Vauxhall are also in the running to contend for the ‘please look at me!’ award, with their new Vauxhall Insignia GSi. This new version of the Insignia Grand Sport promises to deliver an all round better driving experience with improved levels of performance throughout the car with all-wheel drive, a face-lift chassis and it’s refined 2.0 litre turbo petrol engine. So its pretty much useless come 2040! The paddle shift 8 speed automatic gearbox sounds like the stuff of dreams, but will it go hand in hand with the 5 door saloon?

Another brand tipped to make waves at the event is Suzuki. They are pulling the cloth off of the Suzuki Swift Sport, a better looking twin to the one we see on the roads today. This car is clearly out to go head to head with cars like the sporty Corsa models and the Seat Ibiza FR. As far as I’m concerned, it could do quite well in the league table of hot hatches. The correct full specs of this car are under wraps until the Frankfurt Motor Show is up and running, but there are whispers around that the new Swift will be powered by a 1.4 litre turbocharge engine said to create 140bhp. This is in comparison to the 1.6 litre in the previous generation model.


Volkswagen, a clear favourite with drivers young and old up and down the country, are showcasing their new Polo. No points for guessing that it is becoming more like the Golf than ever before. But, as much as we joke, it’s not actually a bad thing. The new polo is quite simply far better looking than models gone by, inside and out. It will be boasting its new Active Info Display, giving it a new angle to push itself above competitors that usually save this kind of tech for their bigger, more expensive ranges. Unlike the Swift, we know that a new Polo will offer 9 different engine specifications on the launch day, which include four 1.0 litre petrol options. All good news for those of us that take our emissions into consideration.

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