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Newly released cars for under £10,000

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When weighing up your options of new vs used cars, your budget is the most integral part of the decision-making process. The second argument to come up is; would it be better to spend your budget on a more upmarket, yet second-hand car or, brand new and slightly less reputable. As the new car market grows to be more and more competitive by the year, carmakers are racing to produce the best car to compete in this low price bracket market. Below, we explore the best cars on offer, that have been released this year and come under £10,000; you can now have that ‘new car smell’ without breaking the bank.

Dacia Sandero Hatchback – Officially, this is the cheapest car in the UK on the market (brand new, of course). At its most basic, this model is available at the jaw-dropping price of £5,995, however, this price does come with its downfalls, as this basic version doesn’t even include a radio, let alone any high tech add ons. Fear not though, when taking into consideration all of the add ons available, a fully suited version of this hatchback would still bring the price in at just under £10k; it really is an all round winner.

Kia PicantoThis Japanese pocket rocket offers a large amount of standard equipment for the price of £9,450, from leather interior trim, Bluetooth connectivity and electric windows; with a seven year/ 100,000-mile warranty which can be transferred to a new owner, this popular car is holding its rank in the best low-budget cars for another year.

Seat Mii – With a strong resemblance to the Volkswagen Up!, yet a lower price tag, this attractive city-car brings style and value to the mix, whilst offering stylish, modern additions such as USB connectivity, sat nav, alloy wheels and leather interior trim. This option is by far the most impressive of the bunch, offering a solid, safe and spacious ride to any driver, whilst saving you a good few pounds in comparison to the Volkswagen. Starting from £9,862.

Hyundai i10 – This Korean brand offers some of the best small cars there are, with this model fiercely competing against cars alike, it almost always comes out on top. Coming with five doors as standard is a great starting point, but, on top of that, it’s also a pleasure to drive, cheap to run, relatively stylish and comes with a fantastic amount of boot space. Hyundai, like Kia, offers a five year/unlimited mileage warranty which is also fully transferable to new owners. When considering all the elements of this car, it scores highly across all categories. Starting from £8,995.

Ford KA+A solid favourite for many first time buyers, not only for its reputation but now for its modern look, that has completely revamped the exterior of this great car. Based on the Ford Fiesta as opposed to the previous Ford KA, this has taken elements from the Fiesta to make an incredible standard entry purchase. Fitted with five doors, this well-equipped car is also an incredibly smooth drive, that offers a lot of room and savings on petrol. Starting from £9,545.

These top five cars are the creme de la creme of the new ‘small budget’ cars from 2017, offering you stylish, affordable and safe options, whilst retaining the excitement of buying a BRAND NEW car, yet to be driven by anyone but yourself. If you’re interested in buying one of the above cars, be sure to do your own research to ensure you’re really buying the best car for you; test drives are essential in the choosing process… and quite a fun weekend activity! Happy shopping, folks.


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