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The best cars for first time drivers


First time drivers; whether you’re just out of school and recently passed your test to whizz around without having to rely on your parents or you are late to the race and have finally got round to the dreaded test that you’ve avoided so much… now that you’ve passed, you need a car and a relatively cheap one at that.

Your first point of call is to ensure that your car has a low insurance rating, this will keep costs down a vast amount. The easiest way for you to do this is look up the cars group rating, or if you have a particular car in mind, you can always pop onto AutoTrader and find a car you may want to buy and pop that number plate in an insurance quote site, giving you an actual quote for your desired car. When referring to the group rating, the lower the number, the better, with groups starting at 1 and going all the way up to 50.

Once you’ve got an idea of the costs that cars carry, you can start to scope out the most cost effective cars that are to your taste. The following cars are both suitable for easy driving, as well as sitting in the lowest groups for insurance cost.

Ford Fiesta

As probably one of the most popular and well-known cars in the UK, it’s no wonder that it’s a safe bet for any driver, no matter the experience or age. It’s spacious, relatively nippy and very practical. As well as the already long list of benefits, it’s cheap to run, which is a massive factor when it comes to choosing the right car for yourself or your loved ones. The fiesta also includes the clever MyKey system which allows the owner or the parents to restrict certain elements of the car, from speed, to stereo volume – to give peace of mind whilst their children are exploring the roads for the first time. With newer models offering a wealth of technology including SYNC voice activation and air conditioning, it’s the perfect high-tech, safety first car.

Volkswagen Polo

Many would opt for the far superior sibling to the Polo, the Golf; but as a first-time buyer, it’s not advisable, due to the far higher insurance costs that come with the Golf. As an affordable step into the VW family, it offers quality, reliability and fuel efficiency. With a soft and solid handling, you can have fun in this supermini, with brakes and steering responding perfectly (however, the fiesta still outshines the overall driving experience in comparison). The interior is great, as a stripped back version of the Golf, you appreciate the simple serenity that surrounds you, nothing too garish, but enough to satisfy aesthetically. It’s the best car for an all round experience and often, fantastically cheap if bought second hand.


The new (or not so new) mini has been in production for 16 years now and whilst the looks of this car haven’t changed dramatically, it still holds a ‘fresh’ aesthetic whilst appealing to the masses of young people who pass their tests daily. The main rival of similar cars, such as the Fiat 500, it far outperforms in both safety and ease. It benefits from higher levels of tech, making it the much safer option. It’s definitely the most youth-friendly car from an aesthetic point of view, holding the ‘cool’ factor amongst all age groups, which is it’s one defining strength above any other first time small car.

The above three options are by far the best first cars for any driver, covering style, ease, comfort and safety, on top of covering a wide range of prices, especially if you’re buying second hand (which is the best option, and far less costly!) Be careful when buying second hand, especially as a first time buyer, you can refer to our previous blog to ensure that you’ve got your checklist for second-hand car buying. Good luck!

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