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The best cars for Winter


Winter driving, it can be a testing experience. The dark, bitter, cold and often wet conditions can make for a turbulent drive, not to mention the struggle that motorists are faced with then the snow and ice start to coat our roads. Whilst the Winters of the UK is relatively tame in comparison to our European neighbours, we still seem to find ourselves in all sort of weather-related driving predicaments.

Safe motoring in adverse weather conditions comprises of traction, grip and control. Being equipped with plenty of grip and traction will ensure your car sticks to the road with the most effective engine power being applied. Of course, four-wheel drive is an immediate upgrade for any driver considering a new car; often it can be found as an optional choice for many new compact hatchbacks and estate models if you’re not willing to opt for a larger SUV model.


An ideal family companion in the colder climates, it is not only incredible value for money for also provides a great amount of space for the whole family, whilst boasting four-wheel drive.
Sitting on a raised suspension, this stylish model provides grip and reassurance to any driver, as well as being relatively economical.

With a choice of two types of diesel egines, both with the capacity of 2,000kg, there is no danger of a sluggish feel to this dependable estate. This will truly serve you well in the harsher climates and at a starting price of £26,685, it’s not going to break the bank either.


A supermini, super machine. The subtle Fiat Panda 4X4 offers space and truly impressive off-road abilities. It’s two compact engines, thin tyres and four-wheel drive system ensure that it cuts through the snow with little to no effort, whilst providing maximum grip on treacherous roads. As a more style-led model in comparison to the Duster, the clever design is both practical and tasteful.

Opting for the diesel engine, will provide a far more economical option and provide you with a little more entertainment behind the wheel, because, we all need to have some fun, right! Starting at just £15,000, this is by far the most pocket-friendly option on our list.


A sports car? Surely not? Well, the TT is here to prove you wrong. Available with a Quattro four-wheel drive system, that you will provide you with plenty of grip for even the iciest of roads, this stylish, practical and compact car is the dream for all drivers who want both safety and style. Featuring minimalist interior design, high-quality materials and an exceptionally modern dashboard, the TT may just take the spot for the best all-weather sports car available on the market today.


Combining driving experience, style and beautifully designed interiors, the BMW 3 series saloon offers a huge range of engine and trim choices, as well as the option to add some extra grip with BMW’s xDrive four-wheel-drive system, giving you the safety certainty you need. Performing on the smoothest motorway roads or the slippiest country back roads, this model is s true all-rounder. Whilst it may be slightly more expensive in comparison to other models, you really do get a great bang for your buck; starting at £26,790.


Last, but by no means, least, is the Mazda CX-5 SUV, this incredibly stylish SUV offers agility, responsiveness, grip and low running costs; what more could you want?! Mazda offers four-wheel drive as an additional add-on when opting for the 148bbhp 2.2 litre diesel engine, however, if you chose the range-topping 173bhp sport nav model, then this comes as standard. A colour touchscreen infotainment system, sat nav, DAB radio and LED headlights also, all come as standard, topped off with a spacious boot for your family needs. Starting from £23,695, may this be the best option in the list?

Think we’ve missed out the winning Winter car choice? Drop us a tweet @number1plates to suggest what you think is the BEST.

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