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The best gadgets to upgrade your car.


There were predictions of flying cars, flying trainers and all sorts of high-tech, futuristic gadgets for 2017; alas, we haven’t come quite as far we’d have hoped, but there are still some pretty incredible gadgets on the market for car and gadget fanatics. So, we’ve rounded up the best of the bunch to bring you the must have car gadgets this year, getting you ready for the unexpected and the downright cool!


One of the most amazing gadgets to pop in your car is the incredible dashcam! For car fanatics, it can shoot memorable drives across some of the world’s best driving routes, giving you a memories you could never before capture, but also, it’s one of the most useful tools a driver can have. This forward facing camera could be your ticket to proving responsibility in any road accidents that may occur, if not for any other reason, surely that’s a great excuse to get yourself one? With automatic on/off function that coincides with your ignition, it’s the most efficient cam to date.

Pure Highway In-Car DAB

Are you constantly driving around, with lack of music and/or the same stale playlists over and over again? With such a general disdain towards the radio stations that blast out the same old pop songs, it’s time for an update. Introducing the in-car DAB radio, answering all your music prayers in one go. Choose from a plethora of radio channels, with one to suit all music tastes. Offering crystal clear quality, wireless display and controller and voice control, what more could you want? You will want to be driving around in your car for as long as possible with such a wide music variation available.

Head up display

The idea is simple, but the look and feel is far more futuristic; which means we definitely need it. With smartphones being such a distraction at all points throughout the day, this is the perfect solution to ensure you keep your eyes on the road. Turning your phone into a head-up display, right at your eye level, meaning you are provided with far less of a distraction when it comes to attending to your phone. Keeping your hands on the wheel, this ingenious design is transparent enough to never obstruct your view, whilst simultaneously providing clear visuals. What more could you need from a pane of glass? Get yours here.


With fatigue being one of the biggest killers on the road and so many of us driving long distances on a regular basis, it’s incredible that it’s taken this long for such an essential gadget to come onto the market. This unique fatigue detector is worn on your finger and will alert the driver as soon as levels of awareness drop, this is measured by using eight built-in cutaneous sensors (sensory receptors found in skin). The first alert raised is activated before you fall into a dangerous state of microsleep (brief, unintended episodes of loss of attention, where a person is fatigued but trying to stay awake; incredibly common amongst drivers), ensuring you will always be alert and safe whilst driving.

Portable jump starter

As such an important gadget; it should be mandatory to any long haul trip in unknown territories, with so many drivers breaking down and relying solely on their breakdown services, wouldn’t it be a lot easier to do it all yourself? Compact size and weight, it’s small enough to fit in your glovebox and able to jump start your vehicle up to 30 times with a 600A peak current. With a Smart USB charging port, it’s easily charged in an efficient and handy way; fitted with LCD screen, compass and advanced safety protection.

Inflatable car bed

For those of you that see the coming months as an opportunity to get the camping gear out and break onto the open road, there may no longer be a need for tents, poles and all the luggage that comes with it. Introducing the travel inflatable bed for your back seat in your car. Suitable for almost all car brands, this foldable PVC bed is the answer to your camping dreams. The added safety of your car, not to mention the guarantee of a rain free sleep! It can also double up as a inflatable mattress in your tent, if you are really yearning for the outside ways. Comfort and travel in one sentence? Who would’ve thought it.

iPad holder

Travelling with kids; it’s never an easy feat. iPads, a gift from god to all those parents who just need to distract their children for an hour or so. When embarking on a road trip with the family, iPads become less useful due to the kids not wanting to hold them up for an extended period of time. Well, now you can drive in peace with these iPad holders; simply fit to the back of your headrest and let the iPad do the rest. Robust, reliable and with 360 degree rotation, it’s the perfect setup for a in-car cinema!

With these incredible gadgets on offer, your drives will never be the same. Just be sure to have the rest of your car looking spick and span! Does your number plate need an update? Head to our plate builder to get a fresh plate to go alongside your new purchases.

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