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The best gifts for your car mad dad

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With Father’s day around the corner, it seems only right that we would put forward a list of some of the best gifts on offer this year for you to treat your dad to. Of course, it’s not always about the gift, but it certainly does add a nice gesture to the day of thanks! We’ve rounded up the best for the ‘car mad’ dad alongside some original gifts that will leave a smile on his face all day.

Of course, the first gift on our list has to be one of our very own number plates! Whether you want to gift your dad with a novelty plate to make him chuckle or get him a brand new replacement plate for his car, then Number one plates is the perfect destination this Father’s day. Simply head to our Plate Builder page and get started!

Now, if your dad is a big traveller, going on road trips with his mates or just generally has to drive a lot for work, then this Arlo Skye suitcase is basically the Ferrari of suitcases. With a James Bond feel, this is both agile, smooth, sexy (for a suitcase, anyway!), lightweight, yet unbreakable. Trust us when we say that any frequent traveller will revel in the thought of owning one of these beauties!

Cars and watches have often gone hand in hand for many men, often the two passions that are at the forefront of the mind; so naturally, a watch will always be a top present for any dad. Now, there are plenty to choose from, the Apple watch being the most obvious choice for a tech-head dad, whereas a more classic car lover will most likely be veering towards a much more classic style of watch. Take Timex who produce some beautiful slimline quartz versions with a vintage touch, or Farer who take vintage inspiration to a whole new level with a big influence from 70’s and coincidentally, they themselves have a big love for cars!

Up next, we have the magnificent ‘Grip Strip’, using a miraculous and innovative polymer compound, this magical tool will hold just about anything in place, gripping anything from your ipad to your SatNav. Simply smack it onto your dashboard and stick away! Gone are the days of phones constantly falling out of their holds whilst driving. It may be small, but the grip strip is mighty!

This next gift is technically nothing to do with cars as such, but when driving, you must always make sure you’re properly energised before embarking on a long journey. This always means that having a good meal beforehand is vital to safe driving. Introducing The MasterPan, which magnificently cooks up to five foods at once… well, you do the cooking, it does all the holding of food. Gone are the days of frantically diving between pans to ensure your breakfast doesn’t burn and here to stay are the relaxed mornings of cooking a full fry up with no stress whatsoever; what more could you want?

Lastly, we have the ultimate driving tool. A timeless accessory that ignites the passion of motor racing within every driver; Driving gloves. An old trend that may seem to have passed it’s time, but no, these vintage inspired gloves are here to stay, fit for both modern and classic cars, they will make any drive immediately more enjoyable. These beautiful brown leather pair are the ultimate choice for any car mad dad!

With such a great round of gifts, you can relax in the knowledge that you definitely have enough inspiration to treat your dad this Father’s day. Be sure to crack open a beer and thank him for all the good times!

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