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The best Summer drives across the UK.


The beautiful weather is yet to cease and we are adamant on making the most of the warmer months. So, of course, what better way to experience our beautiful island, other than to hop in your favourite car and explore the incredible scenes that are on offer. As you can imagine, Scotland has a lot to offer when it comes to summer driving; from winding roads through mountains to spectacular views of many lochs that the country holds. We’ve put together our most loved routes, so you can experience the wonders of our small island. Fingers crossed it isn’t raining; you may even get a chance to camp!

First, let’s take you south, down to Cornwall, where you can break onto the most famous and scenic road, taking you from North Devon through to North Cornwall; the Atlantic highway. This route is all about the views, as you wind through fields, whizz past shorelines, you will find yourself believing you’ve stumbled upon an entirely new country; a surfer’s paradise with plenty of sunshine (hopefully) to boot. A great route to hop in a VW van and explore the open roads, you can stop off at Exmoor National Park to stretch your legs, hiking across the hilly moors, then head on to Bude, Padstow and Newquay for a great mixture of seafood, people and surfing/windsurfing… any water sports you can possibly think of! Set yourself a good 5 days to really get into the spirit of the travelling, you will be experiencing a lot of ‘dudes’ along the way!

Next up, we head North, to the colder climates of the Yorkshire moors. With a rich history, these roads will lead you through picturesque villages, ale filled pubs, majestic waterfalls and rolling backdrops. Twisting through the roads, you can stock up on your favourite cheese along the way (an essential snack for any road trip, of course). You can stop off at the Wensleydale creamery centre, visit the Cistercian monastery and get your history head on and finally stop off at the Masham Brewery for a good old Yorkshire pint. With the warmest welcome on offer from the Yorkshire crowd, you will feel right at home. Beware of the many tour buses that will be trailing around with an ageing passenger group!

This wouldn’t be a proper guide without mentioning the most famous route the UK has to offer, known at the ‘Route 66’ of Scotland, the North coast 500 is the daddy of road trips, with the most incredible roads on offer, not to mention the breathtaking scenery. This 805 km of single track is the dream of car lovers across our nation. Drive through castles, ruins, beaches, whisky distilleries, hamlets and experience the surrounding nature that Scotland’s great nation has to offer. Building bend by bend, you can stop off along the way in idyllic cottages or rough it up the Scottish way and camp along the route (be warned, only consider camping in the heights of summer, as temperatures can reach well below -15 in the darker months). A great escape from the bustle of city life to the wondrous, quite but awe-inspiring roads of North Scotland.

Sticking to Scotland, another route on offer is the road to the isles of Scotland. Starting at the bottom of Fort William, (which is already incredibly North), passing Loch Eil, Glenfinnan Monument followed by one of the great railway journeys in the world, the West Highland Line. You start your journey at the UK’s biggest mountain, standing at 1,345, it’s an impressive starting point. This route is very much a nod to the scenery featured in the Harry Potter movies, so any fans out there… this is the road trip for you! From Ben Nevis, venturing West, you will find the Glenfinnan Viaduct, followed by the Camusdarach Beach and eventually, you will drive towards Loch Morar, which holds the title of the ‘deepest freshwater lake in the UK’, with a maximum depth of 1,017ft. Be sure to have your wits about you if you do decide to take a dip, legend has it that just like Loch Ness, Morar has it’s own deep sea monster, Morag.

With the summer just around the corner and these beautiful routes on offer, you’ll be counting down the days until you can hit the road and embrace the wild.

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