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The DVLA are banning offensive plates!

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One of our favourite things surrounding our number plates industry is the comical side, people showing their humour or their vanity in the plates that they buy. The notorious ‘1’ plate being worth around £7,500,000, and the well documented ‘JH11 HAD’ slipping through the net and being claimed back by the DVLA, perhaps a little bit less funny than some other examples.

With the release of the new ’67’ private plates by the DVLA they have been quick to decide what plates are too far below to line to be available for purchase. 100s have been deemed too offensive, or likely to offend enough people that they aren’t worth being available. It’s not just ’67’ plates that are being affected by this change, they DVLA has undergone a clean-up operation of their entire collection, with millions being filtered.
A few examples being:

-Any registrations that end with the three letters ARS or DAM
-Four-letter combinations: *B** UMS, *G** ODS and *R** APE
-Five-letter combinations: AB** USE, AN** GER and BO** SOM
-2004 vehicle registrations: A**4 RSE, BO04 ZZY and BL04 JOB
-2011 vehicle registrations: BO11 OC*, DR11 GG* and PO11 CE*

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 14.04.29

So if you’ve been saving up for plates ‘BA67 TRD’, ‘DO67 ERR’, ‘MU67 GED’ or ‘ST67 BBD’ then i’m sorry to disappoint you but these are among those being crossed from the list. ‘BL04 JOB’ too, you cant have that. A DVLA spokeswoman said: “Many people enjoy displaying a personalised number plate and the vast majority of registration numbers are made available – but we hold back any combinations that may cause offence, embarrassment or are in poor taste.”

We’ve mentioned a couple of times before that we as a business are undergoing some big changes, positive changes! We are soon to become a private registration plate seller so whether you have some cherished plate needs, or know someone who does, remember we are the place to visit.

If you could have any plate in the world, banned or not, what would it be? Let us know in the comments!