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The Tokyo Motor Show 2017


After a year of recuperation, as manufacturers have had the opportunity to gain a years extra time to conjure up new ideas for cars to be put in to production, and concept cars to show what the future could be like for us, the Tokyo Motor show returned yesterday. Like in 2015, the Tokyo Motor will this year be held in the halls of the cities ‘Big Sight’.

The 45th edition of the motor show welcomes an entirely Japanese filled event, with Yamaha, Toyota and Mazda showcasing what they have created in the past 2 years. In comparison with the other shows around the world, its fair to say that this is not the biggest show in the world, nor the most glamorous, but it is certainly very interesting and accounts for some of the more fun, futuristic and fanatical designs. Though with the likes of Toyota and Honda showing steps towards a range of performance cars, this years show promises to impress in new ways.


The highlights from the show so far include Nissan’s IMx concept. Though this car doesn’t visually take you too far in to the future, it does have features that make you imagine what may be in store in the years to come. This car though, holds most of its adventure on the inside with Nissan saying it is a fully autonomous vehicle that has entertainment system that are controlled with had and eye movements.

Mitsubishi has taken the cover from their e-Evolution concept. This is a clear and realistic progression path for SUVs, with similar notes to the Qashqui and the Lexus RX’s rigid lines and masculine front end. It’s been stated as Mitsubishi’s technology concept car, with it having fully electric capabilities and Level 4 Autonomy, allowing the driver of the vehicle to give full responsible away. There is a production car on the way with a similar body to this concept, though it is to be a slightly toned down version to what you see here.


The sports and performance wave was clearer shown with one of the more handsome and stylish cars at this years show, the Mazda Vision Coupe. They made it clear during the launch that this car intends to rival Aston Martin’s sports tourer cars, and with its simplistic, elegant yet beautiful design, it may do just that. In terms of its interior features are reflective of the current trend, and the name itself ‘Vision’, though it’s driving features remain very much in the control of the driver.


An interesting addition to the show was one of Yamaha’s pieces. The Motobot 2. In a world filling with self-driving car technologies, Yamaha showed off a robot that, with today’s technology, can ride a motorcycle as well, if not better than a human. It controls the bike in the same way as a human but shows edges towards autonomous motorcycle opportunities in the future, keeping up with the work being put in by the worlds car manufacturers. We find this quite exciting!


The 2017 Tokyo motor show will be held from October 27 (press day), and October 28 to November 5 (public days).

Let us know what your favourite concept cars of the past 10 years are in the comments… Find information out other car shows here!

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