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Top Gear: Take Two


When the original three departed from the BBC stage of top gear, the motoring world was up in arms about who could possibly replace the dynamic trio. The sheer rudeness, yet endearing nature of Clarkson, the wit and hilarity of May and the constant interjections from Hammond were to be sorely missed by millions of viewers.

The BBC had their work cut out to produce a suitable alternative to the beloved, long-standing presenters; so, who did they choose, you ask?

Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc.

An odd choice, which had a controversial reaction, to say the least. LeBlanc holds a place in many hearts thanks to the success he had in Friends, but, Evans…it’s well known that he is quite often disliked by the majority of people he comes across.

It’s safe to say that the first comeback series of Top Gear was less than impressive, with a constant effort to try and emulate what once was and an increasingly tense relationship between LeBlanc and Evans, it was destined for the dump. Unfortunately, everyone was expecting the first series to be the last; especially with the constant negative press attacks directed at Evans; what was supposed to be such a glorious return to the screen had turned incredibly sour. However, in an unexpected turn of event, Evens decided to throw the towel in and walk away from Top Gear altogether, leaving his much-favoured partner behind.

So, you can imagine our excitement when it was announced that the second series is to hit our screens this year, with not one, but two new sidekick presenters, whilst LeBlanc leads.

Introducing Chris Harris and Rory Reid; who, you say?

Whilst being the lesser known of the three, Reid is no stranger to the car world. Formerly an editor-in-chief of website Recombu, a car and consumer tech website, where he regularly starred in review videos, he’s no stranger to the camera. He submitted an audition tape to the BBC and against all odds, came out on top, impressing the directors with his on-screen presence and passion for all things auto.

Alongside Reid, Chris Harris will be joining ranks to create the dream team. Harris boasts several professions from YouTuber and motoring journalist to racing driver; he’s got all aspects of driving covered. With the expectation that he will become the troublemaker of the trio, his cheeky yet down to earth persona will be a great addition to the show and something that has always been missing somewhat; even with the original hosts. He famously got himself into trouble with Ferrari, after stating that “the ecstasy of driving a new Ferrari is now almost always eradicated by the pain of dealing with the organisation, he was consequently banned from driving Ferraris from 2011-2013. A great anecdote, giving us the hope that some much needed wholesome comedy will be injected back into the programme.

Harris is well known amongst car enthusiasts, pulling in an audience that may have previously deserted the show when Evans was on our screens. His enthusiasm and knowledge are not to be rivalled, giving an all new perspective to the show, with a more in-depth analysis.

We believe that the easy-going, attractive charm of LeBlanc alongside the in-depth knowledge of Harris and the enthusiasm of Reid could be the magic formula to turn top gear into something that holds a special place in the hearts of the viewers. Watch this space.

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