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Top tips to keep your car looking brand new


Any car, regardless of how beautifully built it is, will eventually dwindle in performance and looks if it’s somewhat ignored by its owner. With many cars being things of beauty, there is no place for error or mistreat. Often, car owners look towards their Sundays as being the day to dedicate to their precious motors, attending to both the interior and exterior of their cars to ensure it’s expertly cleaned and polished. But, it would seem that there are many that don’t know the best ways to uphold the quality of a car; so, we’ve pulled together our top tips to keep your car looking (almost) brand new.


The best wash will always be a hand wash; if you’re a car enthusiast, chances are that you thoroughly enjoy cleaning your car. It’s a great way to really get to know your car’s surfaces and inspect the paint at close range. Be sure to use the correct carwash solution, as a staggering amount of car owners are using washing up liquid to wash their beloved vehicles; whilst this still cleans your car to a certain standard, it will strip the protective wax coatings from the coating of the car, further exposing your car to scratches and stains. Be sure to dry your car with a rubber blade squeegee to ensure that no dirt or minerals are left on the car whilst it naturally dries, this should give you an expertly clean surface.


The first element to lose its fresh appearance is the carpet, especially if it’s in a less than forgiving colour. Take yourself to your local air compressor and blow out all the dirt from the hard to reach areas within your car, it’s a safe way to ensure all dirt is removed; even the tiniest of bits. Next up, be sure to hoover, with the final call of action being a good scrub on the carpet; stiff brushes loosen up dirt, especially the tough kind, which should hopefully leave you with seemingly fresh carpeted floors within your car… Unfortunately, this is very much a constant battle, but if done regularly enough, it should keep from a buildup of dirt which often leads to permanent damage.


Polishing is normally left to the detailers, who smooth the surface of the pain to give you a shiny, new look. If you’re confident in your abilities as a DIY detailer, then the use of an oscillating polishing machine will give you the best results possible, however, you can get similar results, with much less damning consequences with oscillating buffers. The glossier the car, the better…unless you’ve gone for a matte car (let’s hope not!).


Wax, wax, then, wax again. When your car first came out of the garage, there was a brand new coat of protective wax, however, this wears over time and leaves the precious paint to fend for itself through the harsh weathers. This is where wax will become your saviour; absorbing stains and small scratches before they hit the paintwork, it will work as a protective coat, as long as it’s applied fairly regularly. Using two coats of wax will cover any areas that you would naturally miss with just the one coat, giving you the best protection possible. Be sure to give your car a waxing schedule, to ensure that the regular updates will continue to protect your car at all times; we suggest waxing once every season to start.


Using a non-acid product on your wheels is the first action to take, whilst many detailers use acid solutions, you need a keen eye to make sure that there is no damage to your wheels when using such harsh solutions. Your best bet is to use something that can’t cause damage to both your tires and the paintwork, a degreaser is normally a great start; but be sure to always clean your tires first, so as not to ruin the bodywork you’ve done.


Some cars will need little bits replacing, it’s inevitable with stones flying all over the road at any given time. The most vulnerable bits of the car are the number plates, alongside the wing mirrors, which are often subjected to cracks. Keep them both replaced, to ensure you’re in keeping with the law, as well as maintaining the ‘brand new’ car look. Head to our plate builder to create the perfect replacement plates.

If you follow these rules, your car will be guaranteed that fresh, brand new look for longer… what are you waiting for?!

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