We can provide you with the perfect accessory for your every need when fitting and securing your number 1 plate. You can buy your number plate accessories either after you have finished building your plate on the plate builder or if you simply just need an accessory go straight to the accessory tab.

Anti Theft Screw kit

This fantastic Kit will ensure that your number 1 plate will stay firmly fixed to the vehicle it was designed to fit. As number plate theft is on the rise across the UK we strongly recommend you use one of these fitting kits. It has strong anti tamper security bolts to match your color number plate ( black, white or yellow ) in anodized aluminum which when fastened through the plate onto the car with the special locking tool and Hex wrench make the security bolt spin. Making the number plate virtually un removable without the locking tool and Hex wrench.

Very effective yet simple to fit.

Sticky Pads

Quick simple and extremely,, Extremely sticky !!!! The kit comes with a pack of 6 sticky pads and we recommend that this will be enough to securely fix on a number plate. For larger shaped plates it is recommended that you should use up to 2 kits ( 12sticky pads) for optimum security.

Original Screw Kit

This screw kit is easy to use with stainless steel (4.2mm x 19mm ) self tapping screws (a screw which can tap it’s own hole as it’s driven into the bumper material ). But We always recommend drilling the plate with a drill bit, we also supply these. The screw will be hidden from view with your colour choice of screw cap tops depending on where in the number plate the screws are placed. Motorcycle Kit A very easy to use screw and bolt on number plate kit. Containing both yellow and black nylon bolts to discreetly fix your number plate on securely.

Trade Bumper Pack

Our discounted trade bumper pack fixing pack is fantastic value. Containing ??? x screw fixing kits.

Thin Lipped Number Plate Surround

This number plate surround gives your number 1 plate a very custom look. It is made from very high quality chromed plastic and has a thin 5mm lip all the way around to make your number plate very presentable when on your vehicle. The surround holds any standard ( 522mm x 112mm ) plate. The surround is very easy to fit with an original screw fixing kit.

Thick Lipped Number Plate Surround

Again giving your number 1 plate a very custom look and made from very high quality chromed plastic. This style is more bold than the other having a 15mm lip at the top and a 10mm lip at the sides and bottom. The surround again takes a (522mm x 112m ) standard plate. The surround is very easy to fit with an original screw fixing kit.

4×4 Square Number Plate Surround

Give your 4×4 number plate a very custom look by using a 4×4 chromed surround. It has a bold 2mm lip at the top whilst having a sleek 5mm lip at the sides and bottom. Easy to fit on any 4×4 car with an original screw fixing kit.