2015 new cars: What’s getting your pulse racing?

With 2015 comes a number of lovely upgrades. The Kia Picanto is getting a makeover, the Audi TT convertible is getting slicker and the Golf GTE goes plug-in.


While we like a nip here and a tuck there, when it comes to New Year motoring, 2015 is a year like no other. The new MX-5 is coming, the Ford Mustang goes European and the Vencer Sarthe is unveiled. We’re also pretty curious to see the Zenos E10.

So while we’re sure the subtle Boxster updates will be good, this blog is all about the cars we’re drooling over.

And, because we’re sure you’ll have your own opinions, we’ll be having a little poll over on Facebook too. Let us know what you can’t wait to see/buy and we’ll have a good old spirited debate.

European Ford Mustang (& Shelby GT)

Affordability: Around 30K. A lot of muscle for your money.

After always being seen as one of the ultimate American muscle cars, this year marks a significant period for Mustang admirers on this side of the pond. This is the first time the car will be sold in the UK and Ford have described the response as ‘overwhelming’. Overwhelming in that every Brit with eyes and ears wants one.

The Mustang will be available in red and steel grey and will come as two very different versions; an environmentally conscious 2.3 305bhp litre eco-boost engine version OR a 5 litre, V8, 420bhp version. One is classically British with a reserved, polite manner while the other is American in every way imaginable.

Of course, the UK is different to the US and we don’t have the likes of Route 66 to let this beast stretch its legs. The Shelby GT is available for around a £25,000 upgrade (they basically take your existing model in, seriously doctor it and then give you a certificate) but as Brits, we question whether 618bhp would be too much when running to Tesco. But sod it, you only live once.

Vencer Sarthe

Affordability: More than the average British house price.

What is the Vencer Sarthe you cry? It’s a Dutch supercar that you’re most certainly going to want.

The Vencer Sarthe has a wonderful production story involving an innovative Dutch entrepreneur and a dream to create his very own car. Robert Cobben was inspired by the 80’s Le Mans cars and set about crafting something wonderful which would embody that spirit (think the Porsche 956).

It has carbon fibre bodywork, 622bhp and a price tag of £250,000. But when they make the carbon fibre themselves, you have to expect a chunky price tag. In the first year only around 5-6 cars will be made, however this will increase to around 12 the year after.

BMW 2 Series Convertible

Affordability: Around 30K, straddling the Audi A3 competitor’s price range

Designed to replace the 1 Series convertible, the 2 Series is more of an executive car than a hot hatch. And yes the price will reflect this – it starts at just under £30,000 for the 220i.

It’s looks good though and boasts a slightly roomier ride than the 1 series. Be warned though, What Car have already confirmed that back seat passengers could struggle with the leg room over long journeys. For a princely sum, buyers can choose from three trims – Sport, Luxury and M Sport – and benefit from alloy wheels, automatic air conditioning, sport seats, keyless start, a leather steering wheel, Bluetooth and a DAB digital radio.

The automatic models will reach 0-62 in 5 seconds, while the manual version will hit 60 in 5.2 seconds. If you’re looking for sexy and practical (but not too practical) we like those stats.

If you’re lucky enough to get your mitts on one of these next year, then firstly; we’d like to see pictures. Secondly, check out our new range of replacement BMW number plates.

Mazda MX-5

Affordability: Starting at £20,000

The Mazda MX-5 isn’t just a car, it’s a lifestyle.

The 2015 version is the fourth generation, but unlike its predecessors you could be forgiven for missing that MX-5 styling at first glance. Dare we say it has an almost Z4 shape.

Ask any MX-5 owner (or ex-owner, who are always bitter and full of regrets after selling) and they’ll tell you that it’s tonnes of fun to drive. This is something which the new gen promises to have upheld, with the maker claiming that the responsiveness of the car creates a better connection between the car and the driver.

The new MX-5 is due to go on sale in the summer and at the moment some of the finer details aren’t fully confirmed. It will be 100kg lighter than the current generation, however the exact weight of the new car is not yet known to the public. We also know that it will have a direct injection 1.5 litre engine, however it isn’t yet confirmed if a 2.0 litre version will come in the future.

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