Timeless favourites

Classic Cars from the 70’s

What makes classic cars, classic cars? Which cars from the 1970s do people remember fondly and which still fill people with a sense of dread? The honest answer is of course that it will vary from person to person, and a car that makes one top five, may fail to make another list at all….

Best Cars from the Movies

Whether it’s an iconic car chase, a hair-raising spin, a dip underwater or even a trip through time, cars hold as much a special place in cinema as do mafia bosses, westerns and over-the-top pyrotechnics. For this reason, your Number 1 in number plates pays homage to the ultimate movie prop, and brings you this…

Top tips for buying a classic vehicle

There’s something magic about a vintage model. With the signature of the (actually human) team who built it practically marked on each and every piece, comes a certain sense of responsibility and a certain pride. You’re not just driving a car, you’re preserving an artwork and a piece of history. However, with any piece of…

Bond may come and go but the DB5 was always there to stay

It was a special moment when 007 pulled that gleaming DB5 out of a hidden London garage in Skyfall. For once, it wasn’t a service issue super car; it was Mr Bond’s personal possession, a car so beautiful, so timeless and so sophisticated that the man himself chose it as his own. Now that was…