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Everything you need to know about The Grand Tour…so far

A couple of months ago, while names were still being decided, we trawled the internet to see what Hammond, May and Clarkson were earning in their new Amazon endeavour (see the piece here). A fair few dramas (and a main host dropping out of the original BBC show) later, we’ve got a lot more info…

Amazon are paying HOW MUCH for the Top Gear trio?!

Regardless of whether you liked or loathed Top Gear, you’d be hard-pressed to avoid it at the moment. From the ‘original’ show and its new lineup on the BBC to the ‘new’ (old-format with original presenters) rival on Amazon Prime (confusing or what,eh?), news is being released weekly and it’s an all-out motoring war between the two….

Oh no he didn’t… Clarkson’s best antics

When we found out that the Beeb had decided to go ahead and let Jezza host Have I Got News For You, we were confused. Nutting someone over a minor beef (quite literally), clearly makes you unsuitable for the nation’s favourite car show yet totally suitable for a show that pokes fun at Ed Miliband.

Are you an everyday Hammond, May or Clarkson?

Ah the terrible trio. Gracing our screens every Sunday night in various stages of ageing acceptance. Jeremy = middle aged and resigned. James = middle aged and loving it. Richard = clinging onto youth like the wet dog smell in an old Citroen Xantia.