Family Summer Holiday Driving: Tips for Survival

The summer holidays are nearly here, and for many of us that means a fantastic family trip to some stunning part of the British Isles or Europe. There’s nothing quite like a road trip, which will always turn up some (hopefully happy) surprises en route, whether those take the form a charming pub stop-off, an unexpected vista, a fascinating site. Here, then, your favourite number plate maker bring you some fantastic ways to minimise any possibility of rows, shouts and cries:

But even the most fantastic of family holidays are not without their challenges. Hours together, one day after another, hot weather and a little impatience here and there can all too effectively conspire to fray nerves, grate and, eventually, explode. Best be fully prepared, therefore, and take seriously the risk of moods heading south.

1. Regular stops

Be realistic and know just how long you think the kids can reasonably be expected to stay in the car without hopping out to stretch their legs. Even if progress has been slow, the children will need to clear their heads, get the blood circulating, and have 30, 15 or even just 10 minutes here and there to help them get back in the mood for further travelling. Failure to observe this most basic of requirement could bring about disaster. Aside from the regular stops, switch things up so, as long as they’re big enough, they get to ride in the front once in a while. Also, find other ways to distract them in the car…..


2. Car games

Don’t get behind that wheel without knowing just what games you can pull out of the bag whenever required. Quizzes are great, so too visual games, like I-Spy. The Yes-No game never fails – for a while, and 20 questions is also plenty of fun, and perfect for the car. Music singalongs could be a fun option, too.


3. Goodie bags

Yes, you could share around a packet of crisps or distribute bars of chocolate when the time comes. Alternatively, you can create a goodie bag for everyone that not only contains each person’s favourite snacks. Also toys, magazines or other reading material, from Sudoku books to Pepper the Pig.  


4. Downloads, games, maps

Whether for the long car ride itself, just for getting about, or for evenings where you just need to sit down and relax, and don’t be dependent on a good internet connection. Also, don’t be stressing about how much battery you have remaining. That means bringing a portable charger and plenty of downloaded entertainment on your phones, tablets and laptops. From movies to sitcoms to Angry Birds and podcasts, have TONS of entertainment options ready and waiting on your electronic devices. Just one thing – don’t end up overusing them. Have them for emergencies only – the idea is to spend time with each other, not just near each other.


5. Planning as a team

Finally, getting together everybody’s input from the earliest phases of your holiday will help engage everyone in your time away. You’ll find out what trips and activities interest the kids most, and, even more importantly, you won’t be solely culpable should anything not turn out quite as anticipated.

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