The Future Of UK Registrations

Registration plate formats in the UK have changed time and time again since their inception in 1903. As we are the UK’s number one spot for all things registrations, we thought that it would be best that we give you the latest information on what’s to come. New registrations are released bi-annually and you could be about to find your perfect match.

If you come across a plate that has not yet been released, you can reach out to us and we’ll keep an eye on that registration for you. This way, as soon as it drops onto the market, you’ll be the first to know and you can purchase it before anyone else gets the chance. 

As previously stated, plates are released in two six-month periods each year. In the first selection of number plates, you will find the year date as the two digits. For example, the first plate released in 2018 all bore the digits ‘19’ after the first two characters. The second release of the year then adds 50, meaning the digits are ‘69’. This rule applied for all plates from 2010 to 2019.

What will future registrations look like?

This format continues this year, being carried forward for at least the next decade. The first release will display the digits ‘20’, representing 2020. Adding 50 to the plate, the second batch of registration put onto the market this year will display the digits ‘70’.


Age Identifier Release Date Age Identifier Release Date
18 Series 01/03/2018 68 Series 01/09/2018
19 Series 01/03/2019 69 Series 01/09/2019
20 Series 01/03/2020 70 Series 01/09/2020
21 Series 01/03/2021 71 Series 01/09/2021
22 Series 01/03/2022 72 Series 01/09/2022
23 Series 01/03/2023 73 Series 01/09/2023
24 Series 01/03/2024 74 Series 01/09/2024
25 Series 01/03/2025 75 Series 01/09/2025
26 Series 01/03/2026 76 Series 01/09/2026
27 Series 01/03/2027 77 Series 01/09/2027
28 Series 01/03/2028 78 Series 01/09/2028


As has always been the case, the character ‘Q’ will not be displayed on any future registrations. This letter has been reserved for ‘kit cars’ or vehicles that have been modified far past their original specification. If the original manufacture date can not be determined by the DVLA, they will be assigned with a ‘Q’ registration. ‘I’s are also not allowed to be used as a letter anway in the registration, this is due to them being displayed in the same way as a ‘1’. 

Green number plates are now likely to be introduced to the UK after positive conversations within parliament. Though it is more than likely going to be put on hold due to the obvious current worldwide conditions, we will probably see them on our roads at some point in the future. Green number plates are awarded to vehicle that have 0 emissions. The registration plates are displayed like a normal plates but have incentives like bus lane access and priority parking.

Our expert sales team are always on hand to help you with your registration search. If you have found the perfect plate, or know it is just around the corner, get in touch below!


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