Gift ideas for the car mad

Know someone who’d rather be on four wheels than within the four walls of home? They’re our type of person! You might think you’ve exhausted the options when it comes to car-themed goodies in their stocking, but it’s not all about toys and air fresheners.

Here’s a few of our top buys for the motor-mad in your life. Any suggestions to add? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.


Personalised plate

The ultimate gift for any car lover; whether it’s a real-life car-branded replacement for their current vehicle or a novelty number to stick on their shelf – there’s pretty much a plate for every person and every occasion. If they’ve got a vintage number, try specialist plates or – if they’ve got a caravan or motorhome they adore – get them something to adorn either the inside or outside.

They make an amazing addition to any car-mad kids’ rooms, with novelty plates available in a few different shades. Plus they’re just a bit cheaper than that a motorised toy (but just as appreciated).

In car heated mug

How many times have you forfeited the sweet, sweet taste of morning coffee because you missed that first alarm? If your car-loving friend is also a fan of caffeinated goodness, make sure they never have to go through that pain again.

There’s a number of coffee mugs that use the cigarette lighter of a car to heat the tasty stuff as you drive, making cold coffee and unwarranted service station stops a thing of the past. Next stop, in-car fried bread maker?

Branded accessories and clothing

Think car clothing is all about cheap t-shirts and knock-off caps? You clearly haven’t looked in the right places. For the lady drivers out there, there’s everything from gorgeously stylish Land Rover scarves, to envy-inspiring Porsche jackets, or even an absolutely beautiful Bentley handbag.

Meanwhile for chaps, how about a goes-with-anything Aston Martin cashmere scarf or the sweet scent of Mercedes Benz aftershave. Have a look for luxury goods from their favourite brand – it will be the one accessory they show off above all others.

Old manuals and books

Does your car buff have a favourite manufacturer, or do they have a particular car type they favour above all? Have a rummage online for old car manuals or information on their favourite manufacturer – it’s amazing what you can find. From sales brochures to workshop manuals, it’s all about having something a little bit different and preserving a touch of history. If you’re feeling particularly generous or have someone who you know would really appreciate it, try for original copies of magazines featuring their top motor – or try and find a vintage poster. It might not be easy or cheap, but it will be worth it when you see their face!

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