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Are you an everyday Hammond, May or Clarkson?

Ah the terrible trio. Gracing our screens every Sunday night in various stages of ageing acceptance. Jeremy = middle aged and resigned. James = middle aged and loving it. Richard = clinging onto youth like the wet dog smell in an old Citroen Xantia.

So Top Gear has turned into a ‘cartoon’? If you want pure motoring, look elsewhere…

Last Sunday, something wonderful happened to the television schedules. Sunday night no longer became a bitter countdown to Monday morning, it became a source for entertainment, a source for laughter and, just hopefully, a source for the McLaren P1*.

Fun cars in surprisingly low insurance groups

Now before we start, let’s get a disclaimer in. These little belters are surprisingly frugal on the ol’ insurance premium front, but if you’ve managed to reverse into several walls or had some joker run into the back of you in the last few years, then there’s really only so low your insurance can go.

2014: Bring on the three new car releases we’ve been waiting for

For those of you clued-up in the art of petrol head, 2014 is likely to have some sort of new motoring significance for you. It may be that your much awaited family car has had a revamp, a long-standing favourite has been tweaked to further perfection, or perhaps you’re just feeling slightly put-out by the…

Driving in a Winter Wonderland

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat… and if you just happen to possess extremities, we think you’ll agree, it’s sodding freezing.

The Most Spectacular Cars No-One Will Ever Own

So, set the scene. You’re strolling along on a glorious sunny day enjoying everything life has to offer. It’s a Saturday, work is a million miles away and you’re feeling good. Suddenly, a Lamborghini Murcielago roars past in a flurry of ooh, ahhs and general public awe for this rich, slightly balding, slightly pot-bellied stranger.

Bond may come and go but the DB5 was always there to stay

It was a special moment when 007 pulled that gleaming DB5 out of a hidden London garage in Skyfall. For once, it wasn’t a service issue super car; it was Mr Bond’s personal possession, a car so beautiful, so timeless and so sophisticated that the man himself chose it as his own. Now that was…

The NEC Motor Show: Celebrating the Classics

As the NEC Classic Motor Show draws near and petrol-heads around the country hunt out their chamois leathers, we’re getting rather nostalgic about the motors we’ve loved and lost from previous years. So, in celebration of our Classic Motor Show competition (that’s right, we’ve got two weekend tickets to give to you good people!), we’re…

Hello and welcome to the Number 1 Plates blog!

Welcome to Number 1 Plates, the finest purveyors of beautiful novelty plates and replacement number plates on the web! But don’t just take our word for it, with 15 years experience in the automotive industry, we know more than a thing or two about top-notch plates. So please make yourself at home and feel free…