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The Honda Type R: You be the judge

The unofficial slogan for Honda’s new Type R has already been determined. “It looks awesome, but sheesh 30K?” Take a look; it’s truly filthy:

Driving on the continent: Rules, regulations and bucket list drives

The idea of finding undiscovered gems of ‘spaghetti asphalt’ while driving an E-type Jag in the South of France is the classic romantic EU driving scene. But what they don’t show you in the films are the pesky little gripes which come with driving in a foreign country. You might not have seen James Bond…

Spotted! September’s round up of the best deals!

We go car shopping so you don’t have to. It’s a hard life.

Is the BMW i8 today’s closest Bat Mobile contender?

          Now that would good with some of our model-specific number plates… BMW’s plug-in hybrid couldn’t be further away from the boxy ‘city’ styling of the i3… What can we say about the magnificent BMW i8 that doesn’t make it sound like a Prius in a hot dress? Well, for starters…

Read our review over on ‘Planes Trains and Automobiles’ (.co.uk)

The good people at Planes, Trains and Automobiles have been kind enough to write a glowing review after ordering a set of replacement number plates from us!

The Luxury Motor Show is here!

When we first read all about this year’s Luxury Motor Show, we were consumed with one overriding feeling; now that’s a way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Need for speed. Addressing that women like cars in the most tired way possible

Apart from Dominic Cooper’s cringe-worthy ‘Dick Dastardly’ type character in Need for Speed, it’s fair to say the latest petrol flick was probably worth paying 2014 cinema prices for (and with those prices that’s stretching it).

Are you an everyday Hammond, May or Clarkson?

Ah the terrible trio. Gracing our screens every Sunday night in various stages of ageing acceptance. Jeremy = middle aged and resigned. James = middle aged and loving it. Richard = clinging onto youth like the wet dog smell in an old Citroen Xantia.

So Top Gear has turned into a ‘cartoon’? If you want pure motoring, look elsewhere…

Last Sunday, something wonderful happened to the television schedules. Sunday night no longer became a bitter countdown to Monday morning, it became a source for entertainment, a source for laughter and, just hopefully, a source for the McLaren P1*.

Fun cars in surprisingly low insurance groups

Now before we start, let’s get a disclaimer in. These little belters are surprisingly frugal on the ol’ insurance premium front, but if you’ve managed to reverse into several walls or had some joker run into the back of you in the last few years, then there’s really only so low your insurance can go.