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Now we’re not ones to brag, but you can’t beat a day out at Silverstone. And while we’re generally a little sceptical about those supercar ‘experiences’ (because they last 20 minutes) the Rally Days they offer are absolutely top notch.

This wasn’t just a spin around the track. This was practically an education in full-on rally driving. We learnt how to master the elusive Scandinavian flick, perfected handbrake turns and even mixed it up with a power slide. For those driving enthusiasts who are more about the theory than the power, the pace notes instruction offered a thrilling new challenge too.

Let’s put it this way, that time we all watched James May giving out pace notes to Jackie Stewart has given us even more respect for the not-so-Captain-Slow! Those rally driving techniques are seriously tricky!

But who wants easy eh?

We’d strongly recommend trying out the Rally School if you get a chance – in terms of value for money the rally session leaves most motoring experiences lagging far behind. You can choose various packages based on your level of experience and there’s even a junior experience for the kids too (that’s in a Ford KA not a Subaru Impreza!)

Check out our review over on the Motoring Events blog and follow the links to the school to find out more. Got a burning question about the day we haven’t answered? Get in touch on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll do our best to oblige.

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