Rivaling Apple Car Play

As is the case in many areas of transforming technology, car manufacturers are now looking for ways to keep up with Apple’s new ‘Car Play’ compatibility. Apple Car Play allows you to seamlessly connect your phone to your in dash touchscreen and have access to all of the data you could need whilst driving, contacts, calls, music and even incoming text messages. This mimics the company’s simple, minimalist designs and creates a great interface for the user in their vehicle.

Many manufacturers are taking a hold of this new capability, though reserving it for some of their more expensive, more luxurious models. Though some manufacturers, want to challenge Apple. Skoda yesterday announced that it is working on technology that will integrate Amazon’s popular ‘Alexa’ voice assistant into its infotainment systems.

Some people argue that growing technology is just finding ways for the human do quite simply, do less. Fixing problems that don’t really exist, but you can only be impressed at the level of accuracy companies are able to gauge when considering voice control in comparison to it’s first advances. Connectivity specialist at Skoda, Kai Scheffs, said: “In the first cars which had a voice assistant, they would only understand some sentences. In the future, looking at Alexa and [Apple virtual assistant] Siri, it will definitely be something more individual, so the customer will not really have to think about what they are saying; a more flexible way to understand the customer.”

There is also talks of development in infotainment systems whereby cars will have to ability to download features to the car, meaning a buyer can develop his car and not worry about fully deciding on the full spec of a car before buying it. A date has not been set for when Skoda’s cars will have these features though it seems that it would have to be rather soon if they are wanting to impact the new car market.

Will this beat Apple’s CarPlay? Let us know in the comments!

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