What Do We Think of The Tesla Model S?

What do Will Smith and Jaden Smith have in common? That’s right, they both drive a Tesla Model S. And among Hollywood A-listers (B-listers?), they are not alone. A quick search of famous Tesla Model S drivers brings up such illustrious motorists as Steven Spielberg, Cameron Diaz and Morgan Freeman. But why? Is it the green factor (hint: yep)? Is it the performance (hint: yep)? Is it to do with aesthetics (hint: nope)?


Tesla itself is synonymous with generating opinion, perhaps because of the charismatic and none conformist creator of the Tesla phenomenon Elon Musk. Whether you are inspired by Musk or terrified by his vision, he certainly creates a reaction to all that he does. Whilst we could look in depth at Musk himself, here we look at and consider the Tesla Model S and discuss our opinions on the same. To find out whether or not you agree with our views on the Model S read on:


Firstly let’s look at the obvious. The Model S is an electric saloon car, pretty much standard when it comes to size, and perhaps not that dynamic when it comes to its appearance or aesthetics. Yet the Model S is being marketed as so much more.


One thing that certainly is different about the Model S is the drive. It’s capable of performance numbers that are nothing short of exhilarating. Despite it being an all-electric driven vehicle, the top of the range model can reach speeds of 60mph in a time of around 2.5 seconds. That’s great by Hypercar standards let alone a saloon! The secret of course is the lack of a traditional engine, which reduces the weight.


In addition to the ride and performance there is of course the tech that comes as standard on a Tesla. This includes fascinating features, such as autopilot and adaptive lighting. There is an endless array of equipment inside the car and it has 4-wheel drive capability too. This is differentiated from normal all-wheel drive on the basis that there are in fact two separate motors driving the front and rear wheels separately.


The car is designed and built around the driver, offering safety and performance but in no way sacrificing comfort or even luxury. It is both a driver’s car and a car for all; something of a rare combination.
The Tesla Model S comes with everything but personalised number plates – feel free to add these as desired though! Whether or not the world is ready for the electric car revolution may be another thing and we’re yet to see a full integration of electric car ownership and the availability of convenient charging stations – but there are signs already that the tide is changing. The question is whether you’re ready to change with the world we live in, and whether or not you are ready for all that the Tesla Model S can offer. Exciting, some might say electrifying, times lay ahead.

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