The Best Road trips for 2017

With 2017 just around the corner, now is the time to get planning for the year ahead and the many adventures you want to embark upon. Whether you want to simply plan a few weekend trips away to a UK town, or you want to drive halfway across Europe, we have picked our top road trips for 2017; offering you beautiful views and an adventure thrill.

Scotland’s North Coast 500, UK.

Possibly one of the more famous routes across the UK, this beautiful trip is a favourite amongst thousands of car enthusiasts. Of course, you have to get to Scotland initially to even start your journey, but trust us; it’s well worth the trip. A circular route of 500 miles are presented to you upon arrival, running to and from the coast of Inverness, this route shows off some of Scotland’s best scenery. It’s a great urban escape, with the normal traffic logged roads being replaced with cow logged roads. The road is a pleasure to drive, looping over the Applecross Peninsular, offering up a truly mesmerising view. This journey can be done any time of year, with even the harshest of weathers not affecting the pleasure of this drive.

Verdon Gorge circuit, France.

With Provence being one of the more alluring regions of France, this drive is perfect to experience the best that the country has to offer. Rising gently from market towns to highly perched villages with vaulted streets, and yet higher and deeper you will find the Verdon Gorge; Europe’s answer to the Grand Canyon, just as spectacular and a lot closer to home. The drop is some 2,000ft deep, giving you an enthralling driving experience. On the way back down you can enjoy the winding roads that curve around the majestic Sainte-Croix lake. This drive is definitely not for the faint-hearted, (especially if you’re afraid of heights!) But, is definitely one to put on the list for a great experience unlike most others when behind the wheel.

The ‘Top Gear’ road; Black mountains pass, Wales.

A short trip, taking maximum 2 days if you are to make the most of the Brecon Beacons, this mountain road trip is a feast for the eyes. The unrivaled views and hairpin bends were made famous by Jeremy Clarkson, who often featured the route on Top Gear. Incredibly popular amongst test drivers, it’s full of jaw-dropping viewpoints and quaint villages dotted along the way. Be sure to start north of the route, journeying south for the optimum experience and beware of wayward sheep!

Trollstigen, Norway.

If you’re looking for a fairytale road trip, you’ve found it. Think incredible mountain views, steep inclines, hairpin bends, all topped off with beautiful waterfalls. A route that twists and turns, revealing a mesmerising route that draws in thrill-seekers from across the globe to the Rauma region. This route is designed to take you on a journey, with viewing platforms along the way, giving you many a photographic opportunity. Gazing out over the Stigfossen waterfall, which boasts a 1,050 ft height, to then make your way up to the best view possible at 2,300 ft, from the plateau where you can park your car and take in the views surrounding you. Although the views are truly spectacular, the driving experience itself is unrivaled, unlike any other.

Northern Ireland: The coastal route.

Hop over to Ireland to journey around the Irish coast; a trip that will not be forgotten, with a spellbinding quality that is comfortably one of the most enjoyable trips you will take. Following Gobbins Cliff path, you will find yourself meandering through a chiseled path through caves and over bridges, this path only re-opened last year, for the first time in over 65 years. Continue through to the Dark Hedges, a view that may be recognisable, thanks to Game of Thrones, then travel on to the mesmerising Giant’s causeway, a sight not to be missed. You can simply keep driving on this trip, all the way through to Dublin if you wish; a great trip to experience the enthralling freedom you feel whilst being on the road.

All great trips are carefully planned, ensuring you have all the essentials and equipment for a smooth sail right through the entirety of your journey. Be sure to remember that whilst driving through France you will require a reflective vest and hazard signal, as well as a few spare euros to get you through the tolls. Go forth and explore!

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