The Fast Show 2015 – Run What Ya Brung

As much as we love motorsport, we can’t help feeling it is elitist. A 2009 Astra just doesn’t have the same heritage as McLaren and track days tend to cost a fortune.

That’s why the Fast Show’s ‘Run What Ya Brung’ is one of the most exciting events on the motoring calendar. It’s a celebration of the big, the bold and the ambitious – whether you’re coveting a powerful beemer or a smaller car you’ve modified yourself.

This year the Fast Show is taking place on Sunday 22nd March at Santa Pod Raceway and camping is available for motorists who want to make a weekend of it. From ‘Run What Ya Brung’ racing during Saturday (day time) to clubbing the night away before the main showcase event on Sunday, it’s essentially a festival for motor heads.

Run What Ya Brung is basically anything goes racing. As long as your vehicle is safe, you can take it to the track. It goes on at Santa Pod Raceway all year round and costs drivers just £10 for admission. You don’t need a racing licence and while professionals do turn up in some serious drag cars, you won’t be matched against them on the quarter mile strip!

Aside from regular show-up-on-the-day events, Run What Ya Brung is incorporated into numerous events throughout the year. The Fast Show is the first performance and modified car show on the Santa Pod annual calendar and tickets are still available. We’re particularly looking forward to seeing the Qashqai-R and the Santa Pod Jet Car!

Naturally, we’ll be providing customised plates which you can modify to showcase your message at Santa Pod! Either pop them on as show plates at the event or customise your road legal plate with a snazzy message. Just try out our number plate builder and see what you can create.

We’ve designed our own below!

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