The Honda Type R: You be the judge

The unofficial slogan for Honda’s new Type R has already been determined. “It looks awesome, but sheesh 30K?”

Take a look; it’s truly filthy:

The new Type R will go on sale next year (most likely around June) and will cost around £30,000. This will make it a direct price and power competitor to the Golf GTI and will render it a more expensive kind-of competitor to the Ford Focus ST.

For such a modest sum (ahem) you’ll get a turbocharged 2.0 litre i-VTEC engine, delivering around 290 bhp. You’ll also get to look like a rich 17 year old boy.

We understand that they’ll be hard core Type R fans out there who are more than happy to shell out 30K, but if you’re wondering what you could get for £30K (that’s brand new and beautiful) we thought we’d round up some of the most spectacular cars on the market. There’ll also be some suggestions on what you could get for the change. Not that we’re saying the Honda Type R is pricey or anything…

Ford Mustang 2015


Buy with the change: 2,000 Asda pumpkins

The Mustang is American muscle all the way, but as of 2015, us Brits can enjoy a right hand drive version with a scaled back EU friendly engine. This means that you won’t have to sell your house to run the thing, with the classic V8 5 litre engine available in an eco-boost 2.3 litre version.

You’ll also turn heads for all the right reasons. Motoring fans will credit you for driving a hulking animal and those who don’t know their Evo from their Defenders will still be sure marvel at such a rarity on the British roads.

Audi TT TDI Ultra Sport


Buy with the change: A two year Samsung S3 Galaxy Mini contract

You’ll either cringe or squeal in delight at the TT’s new ‘virtual cockpit’ (that’s the interior LCD display in 2014 speak), but so far both the fuel economy and digital display have been widely praised for the new diesel 2.0 litre model. With a fuel economy of 67.3 mpg and CO2 emissions of 100g per km, this TDI Ultra Sport offers the looks the typical buyer expects with green credentials. Or if you prefer, the knowledge that the TT won’t drink their bank balance dry.

Think of it as a TT with reading glasses.

Mercedes A Class

Starting at: £24,745

Buy with the change: A Segway SE

The new A Class is such a transformation from its dowdy predecessor that you can’t fail to appreciate it. The new version is deliciously high-tech too and features the kind of premium touches associated with much higher priced models. ESP (Electronic Stability Program) and Collision Prevention Assistance comes as standard, but it certainly isn’t fool proof – no self-drive cars just yet!

Some would say then that it’s a bit of a bargain and stands up to its direct competitors the VW Golf, new Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series. However the A45 AMG, which is probably the most likely competitor to the Honda R Type in terms of power, costs a whopping £38,000 +.

We suggest you simply buy the base range and kit it out with one of our stylish Mercedes number plates

BMW 2 Series Convertible

Starting at £29,180

Buy with the change: 432 packs of Mr Kipling Mince Pies

Drool. BMW have a solution for us all. From carting the dogs/kids/band of friends around to cruising around and being all ‘high-performance’ we can’t get enough of the 2 Series.

The new 2 Series convertible – landing in 2015 – is designed to be the predecessor to the 1 Series convertible and will come with four different engines – a 220i, 228i, 220d and an M235i. The new model will include BMW’s EfficientDynamics meaning start/stop technology, break energy regeneration and smart driver assist (offers tips on driving economically) will be provided as standard.

The new 2 Series is also longer (7.2cm) and wider (2.6cm) than the older model. Boot space is also considerably more than the 1 Series, making this ideal for BMW fans who couldn’t get on board with the hot hatch styling.

The 2 Series will be on sale from February next year.

What do you think, is the Honda Type R your dream car or would you rather splash the cash elsewhere? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. We’re also partial to a great motoring shot, so feel free to embellish with vids and pics.

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