The New Year in Cars

As we stumble into 2018 and last years motor shows from around the world are a distant memory, some of the cars that were on show will start to come in to production and take to our roads. Though the concepts won’t join them, there are some seriously good cars on their way and there’s plenty to come in 2018s opening month. Volkswagen, Kia, Jaguar and a host of other have their latest creation releases in January, and we are going to show you some of the most exciting of them.

Jaguar E-Pace

We did a piece on the unveiling of Jag’s I-Pace earlier this year, the upcoming electric small SUV. But January 2018 brings forth its older brother, the E-Pace. It has been created to compete with the likes of the Mercedes GLA and Audi’s popular Q3, and being loosely based on the latest Land Rover Discovery the Jaguar has had a positive start in its design process.

Volkswagen Polo (Header)

The long anticipated new Polo is making an arrival in the early new year, and as people confirm that ‘yes, it really does look like a Golf’, we may well be gawping at the super mini leader within a few months. After the Ibiza’s disappointingly average facelift this has a chance the leapfrog it’s way to the very top. It does look like a Golf you know, and that’s not a bad thing.

Ford Fiesta

The best selling car in England also gets a new look, making it slightly harder for the Polo to beat it on it’s warpath. Though it is the most expensive between itself the Polo and the Corsa, its new body, raised height and impressive history make keep it in the top sellers spot even if it isn’t the best all rounder of the group.

Hyundai I30N

Hot-hatch. Perhaps the best way to describe this car. Hyundai may not jump out to you as a go to car, or even a very popular one at that, but this car brings out a new and improve personality to the brand and does it extremely well. In side and out the car is attractive and functional and should proof to be quite to contender to take on the like of the Ford Focus.

What cars are you most looking forward to seeing? Let us know on Number1Plates Facebook page.  We think competition to be the most popular will hot right up and we might not see as much doppelgänger car as we currently do at the minute!

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