Top 4 Tips On Prepping For The Open Road


Ahhh the sun is shining and the pavement is slightly wet from the first bits of frost that have settled showing signs that Autumn has arrived. It’s potentially one of the best seasons of the year for a road trip since you can enjoy the cool air, the bright sunshine and some beautiful foliage. Often, the best road trips are spontaneous – just make sure you keep these tips in mind before you put the pedal to the medal!

1. Check the weather conditions for your route before hitting the road. Sure, it may seem bright and cheerful outdoors, but when the air is cool the roads can often loosen their grip and make it a little dangerous. Weather changes are also likely particularly if you’re headed to far away places. To better prepare yourself, make sure you’re informed of the conditions prior to hitting the road.
2. Put away the road rage – you’re on a journey after all! It’s as the old saying goes; it’s less about your destination and more about how you got there. If someone on the road isn’t playing by the rules, try and let them pass you or divert to a different lane and get out of the way. The last thing you want to do is remember your trip because you lost your temper on the road. Relax, enjoy and be aware.


3. Make your drive as comfortable as possible by putting together some of your favourite driving tunes and packing a light snack You’ll spend less time fiddling with the radio looking for directions to the nearest café. No one ever complained about listening to their favourite tunes on a full stomach!
4. Do you need an oil change or a battery boost? Before hitting the open road make sure you’re up to date on your regular vehicle check ups and pack some extra cables, If you’re headed on a particularly far journey, definitely give your car the ol’ once-over to give yourself peace of mind.


Remember – it’s better to be safe than sorry so pack those shades, pump the gas and enjoy the ride!

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