Surround - Aluminium Plate Simple-Fix


Product Description

This handy number plate surround is purpose made to ensure that your standard and pressed aluminium number plates are stylishly fit to your car. These German made accessories are a great addition to your new registration plates and ensure security throughout day to day wear and tear.

To fit your number plates you must follow a few simple steps:

  1. The two Simple-Fix brackets are designed with holes, allowing you to securely screw them to your bumper. Take one of the screws provided and fit accordingly, ensuring they are tight.

  2. Once you have fitting both brackets you will need to remove the cover from the sticky pads on each bracket. These are added to ensure the plate doesn't move or slide between the brackets. 

  3. Push the top of the plate through the top clip and position centrally between the two brackets.

  4. Push the bottom of the plate into the lower clip until you hear a snap, this will ensure the plate is in plate and touching the sticker pads. 

These offer a great looking and lasting way to fit your registration plates to your vehicle. Make the most of your new purchase!


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