Surround - Thin Lip Black


Product Description

Our Thin Lip Black Surround is the perfect way to fit your registration plates to your vehicle. Whether your car is new or old, revamp its appearance with this luxury option.

There are two ways in which you can fit your new plates and surround, with screws or with sticky pads. 

Fitting with screws:

  1. Line up your plates with the holes in the surround and mark, making sure they are lined up correctly. You will screw through both the plate and the surround when fitting. 

  2. Use a 4mm drill bit to make a guide hole in your registration plate.

  3. Sit the plate in the sunken recess of the surround and line the holes in each. 

  4. Hold centrally to your bumper and screw one of the corners tightly.

  5. Repeat in all four corners. 

Fitting with sticky pads:

  1. With our sticky pads, there is no need to drill holes. 

  2. Screw your surround centrally to your bumper using our number plates screws.

  3. Stick 3-6 sticky pads equidistant across the plate.

  4. Peel off the protective layer revealing the adhesive.

  5. Push the plate into the sunken recess of the surround. 

Our surrounds offer a great luxurious finishing touch to your newly purchased registration plates. Check out other accessories in our 'Buy Accessories' section.  


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