Coloured Number Plate Surround


Product Description

Our coloured number plate surrounds offer a luxury finishing touch to your registration plate purchase and can be the perfect match for our 4D Neon range. WIth a reflective metal finish, they looks sleek and expensive while being offered to you at a great price!

To fit your new plates to your vehicle using our coloured number plate surrounds, you first need to follow a few simple steps:

Step 1

Firstly, snap the surround closure off of the bottom of the product and remove the joining clip.

Step 2

There is no need to drill holes or use sticky pads on your actual plates. You will be require to securely fit the surround to your vehicle though. For this, we recommend using our screw kit to screw your surround to your bumper. There are dozens of holes to use so there is no need to create new holes in your vehicle.

Step 3

Once safely attached to your vehicle you can slide in your registration plate. Once placed properly, you will be able to click in the surround closure and secord the plate within the surround. 

This simple process will ensure your plates stay safe on your vehicle. 

Each item contains one surround for a single number plate. 


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