Number Plate Anti-Theft Screw Kit


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We're proud to sell this incredible Richbrook anti-theft screw kit. If you're looking for anti theft plate screws, then this is the kit for you!

Complete with anti theft screws, this anti-theft fitting kit will ensure that your new plates stay firmly fixed to your vehicle. With number plate theft and vehicle cloning on the rise in the UK, we would always recommend that you use anti theft number plate screws to affix your plates to your car. 

Each Richbrook anti-theft screw kit comes with six anti theft bolts, two yellow, two black and two silver, along with a locking tool and hex wrench to ensure that your anti-theft number plate screws are fastened securely. The tamper proof license plate screws are made of anodized aluminium, which ensures that they are strong and long lasting. When fastened through the plate with the hex wrench, these number plate anti theft screws make it virtually impossible to remove the plate from the vehicle without the locking tool. 

This set of license plate security screws will ensure that you're number plates are securely fastened to your car, and deter any would-be criminals from attempting to steal them to clone your car. So, if you're looking for anti theft screws for number plates or tamper proof screws for number plates, then this Richbrook anti theft screw kit is ideal for your needs!


Weight 1.000kg