Fitting Kit - Motorcycle Kit


Product Description

A very simple easy to use nylon nut and bolt fixing kit. Containing both black and yellow nylon bolts to discreetly fix your number plate securely. The holes in the plate must be first pre drilled with a 6mm drill bit.

Our motorcycle number plate screw kits offer a simple way to fit your new registration plates to your beloved bike.

Step 1 -

Line up your new plate to the plate holder of your motorcycle and use a pen to circle the areas that you need to drill holes. 

Step 2 -

Use a 6mm drill bit to drill the holes using the circles that you have drawn as markers. Ensure you are drilling on to an unimportant surface, like a piece of wood. 

Step 3 - 

Once you are happy with the holes and their placement, seperate the screws from the bolts that we have provided. 

Step 4 - 

Push the screws through the holes that you have drilled and then place your plate in its holder. The screws should now pass through both the holes that you made, and the holes of the plate holder. 

Step 5 - 

Lastly, tighten the bolts on the protruding end of the screw. Make sure they are as tight as possible so the plate doesn't fall loose as you are riding.

 We recommend that when you purchase a number plate from us, you buy these to match. Old screws can easily become corroded and dangerous for use on bikes that are used regularly. For your safety, and the safety of your motorbike, this cheap must-have is a no brainer!


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