Fitting Kit - Sticky Pads


Product Description

Our sticky pads are a lot stronger than you may presume. Many people often think that screws are the only way to securely fit your registration plates to their car, they are mistaken! Our ultra-strength sticky pads offer a great and seamless fitting method. There is no need to ruin the appearance of your plates by screwing holes through the surface!

To fit you licence plates using sticking pads, you just need to note a few easy steps: 

  1. Remove one sticky pad from the non-adhesive backing, and stick to the left hand side of the plate. 

  2. One by one, stick each pad to the plate ensuring an equal distance separates each one. 

  3. Make sure that your bumper (the area that you are sticking your plates) is clean and dry. This area collects dirt during your day to day drives. 

  4. Peel away each of the protective film from the sticky pads.

  5. Line up to the center of your bumper and push hard on the area that the sticky pads sit.. 

Perfectly safe and secure, this method of fitting your registration plate is clean and stress free. We recommend that you purchase one pack of sticky pads per plate. For larger rear plates, you may want to use more, for extra protection.


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