Surround - Wide Lip Silver Finish


Product Description

Similar to our Wide Lip Black surrounds, the Silver Finish gives a silver coating to the front of the surround that you may feel suits your car a little more than the black option. If you're looking for a secure and sturdy way to fit your registration plates then look no further. This product is super handy for those that are interested in changing their number plates without completely removing and screwing a new plate to the car/trailer. 

Fitting our Wide Lip Silver Finish Surrounds couldn't be simpler, you just need to follow these easy steps: 

  1. Line up the holes of your choice in the surround with already present holes in your bumper. Alternatively if you would like to screw new holes into the bumper, we recommend using the corner holes. 

  2. Ensure the clips at the bottom of the surround are open, and the front of the surround is ajar. Screw through your chosen holes and tighten to the bumper. 

  3. Once fitted and secure, you can place your new registration in the surround and push the front shut, you will be required to push the three clips underneath into the surround to secure the front is tightly closed. 

  4. If you do not plan on changing your number plates at any point in the future, it may be wise to screw through the plate upon fitting. 


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