Number 1 Plates makes the switch to recyclable packaging.

Number 1 Plates, the UK’s most trusted online replacement number plate supplier, have partnered with Leeds-based Pacsafe Packaging to make the switch to recyclable materials for their packaging, following customer feedback.

Making the switch from traditional bubble bags to bespoke cardboard boxes to package their customers’ orders of number plates in, Number 1 Plates are aiming to reduce their carbon footprint and to encourage their customers to recycle after having received their order.

On making the switch, Aldan Ibbetson, Managing Director of Number 1 Plates said:

“We regularly approach our customers for feedback about their experience with us and one of the areas identified in which we could improve was in relation to our packaging, in terms of how it looked, how it holds up to the delivery process and its impact on the environment.

“Having considered a few different options, we decided that bespoke boxes were the way forward for us, and we’re delighted with their design, structural integrity and recyclable nature. We’re sure our customers will be as impressed as we are.”

Providing the new custom packaging options are Pacsafe Packaging, a family-owned company which has over 50 years experience in the industry. Pacsafe are able to provide a range of packaging materials, for a number of different purposes, however they have exceptional expertise in offering highly-durable packaging solutions for eCommerce companies.

Matthew Hayes, Sales & Marketing Director of Pacsafe commented on the new relationship with Number 1 Plates:

“Having spoken to Number 1 Plates to discuss more about their needs, we were able to create several different packaging options for various sizes of number plates, right through from smaller motorcycle plates to more peculiar sizes such as for the Range Rover.

“We are always confident of being able to deliver the required shape, size and quantity of products for our customers, and Number 1 Plates are no exception to that.

“We’re delighted to be working with Number 1 Plates who are a major player in their industry.”

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