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We are the UK’s number 1 cheap show plate & number plate maker. Our high quality replacement registration plates and show plates that are guaranteed to last. Ensuring a great service, our show car plates express delivery quickly delivered direct to you within 3 business days.

What are show number plates?

It would be illegal to display a car show plate on your vehicle. The plate would be highly customised and wouldn’t match a DVLA approved registration mark, perhaps something like ‘DANNY’ or ‘FERRARI’.  With no VRM present, you can show it off at shows or when its parked in its garage and you want to impress the visiting family!

Show plates are designed to be completely adaptable to your requirements and vehicle style, making them the perfect addition to your pride and joy. Remember, that you’ll have to remove your car show number plates whenever you are driving on UK roads.

What can my show plates look like?

You have more design flexiblity with a show plate than with a road legal plate. It’s possible to customise your UK show plates in a variety of ways, by choosing different registration layout, borders, fonts, badges, slogans and more.

You can let your imagination run wild when it comes to show plates, and you can even use our online number plate maker to get an extra insight into the vast selection of styles available to you. As you would expect from Number 1 Plates, all of our show plates are made from the highest quality materials, using the same premium acrylic used in our road-legal plates.

Visit our show car plate builder to see the range of styles available. Or, if you are looking to purchase a private registration plate, have a look at our private number plates page.

Are show plates legal?

As we have previously outlined, show plates are generally known as illegal number plates. If you’re looking for illegal reg plates then Number1Plates is not the place for you. There are many less reputable purveyors out there.

For your own safety, we recommend only purchasing from registered number plate supplier with a history like ours. Many sites openly sell you illegal plates without asking you for ID or a valid DVLA document which shows you have a right to licence plates showing your registration number. You must be careful as you may being on the wrong side of a fine, with no real grounds for a return to the illegal trader.

Can I buy motorcycle show plates?

Motorcycle show plates are slowly but surely becoming as popular as their car counterpart and you’ll be glad to hear that we do supply them. Much like our standard UK car number plates, we are able to give you a huge amount of options when designing your plates.

You can use our number plate builder to design your ideal motorcycle show plates, with 3d gel or 4d neon text, custom badges and borders.

Our collection doesn’t just stop at motorcycles. Our huge selection of number plate styles and options means that your have the entire builder to feed to your imaginations. You can create 4D show plates, gel show registration plates and even pressed show plates. As always, we will look to create to perfect plate for you, and will stretch further than our competitors in getting what you need to you as soon as possible.

I need road legal number plates, can you help?

Yes. You can use the same number plate maker that you design your novelty show plates, to design your road legal registration plate. If you enter a legal registration mark, this will be considered a standard number plate, meaning it will be made to British Standard (BS AU 145d) and include legal details.

We are proud to say that we are now registered dealers of private registrations. You may not be able to get your hands on F1 or A1 show plates (because they are registered number plates already owned by someone in the UK), but you can finally purchase your desired legal registration to assign to your vehicle from us. Just head to our cherished plates page in our main menu!

Why buy show plates from us?

  • The UK’s most trusted show plate supplier
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  • Customer support via phone or email
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  • Bespoke plates that you design
  • Prices start at just £10.99

You can use our show plate maker to create a vast range of shapes and sizes, so whether you want a sign for your caravan or horse box, we can provide your custom plates and have them delivered as soon as tomorrow!


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