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Motorcycles give us a lot. These 2-wheeled, perfectly engineered machines get us closer to the roads, give us enthralling adrenaline highs and that sense of adventure, even if we are just on the way to work. They give us something that a car cannot. The lack of seatbelts and airbags is always in the back of your mind as you ride down winding roads but it adds something to the journey that you can’t get anywhere else. Our bespoke motorbike number plates give you the chance to put the best possible product on to the vehicle that does so much for you.

What are motorbike number plates made from?

Our motorbike number plates come in a wide range of materials and text styles for you to choose from, making it as easy as possible to find the perfect match for your machine. The latest addition to our plate builder are our pressed metal bike plates. These thin aluminium embossed number plates are made using German equipment that is commonly used across Europe for all of the number plates that you seen on the road. The aluminium provides a durability that is perfect to take on the elements that are encountered during the day to day of biking.

The connection and attachment that you have to your bike is unparalleled and rightly so, what else gives you the feeling that you get when you release the clutch and slowly pull your right wrist back, throttling yourself to top speeds? Nothing, we think. This is why we have started to develop new shapes for the bike plates that we offer, meaning that there are more options, split into motorcycle types that will give you a number plates purpose built for your bike.

Are your motorcycle number plates legal?

We use laser cutting and CNC routing techniques to develop our designs into tangible products. This allows us to create the wildest designs, as long as they conform to DVLA law, there is a lot that you can do to tailor your bike number plate perfectly to the bikes needs. These regulations make sure that UK bike plates are above a certain set of dimensions and adhere to the correct character sizing and spacing.

We have produced multiple designs to cater for the likes of touring bikes, motocross bikes and sports bikes and we are looking to create more. If you have an idea or a certain theme that you are trying to achieve, contact our customer service team and they will be able to help you in your search for the perfect product! If you know what you are looking for, then head to our number plate designer now to make your own!


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