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Design Your 4D Number Plates

What are 4d plates?

4D number plates are 3mm thick characters laser cut from a sheet of black acrylic in our production area, stuck to your premium plate using super strength 3M adhesive. These plates fall under the 3D plates category and as the DVLA state that number plates can be 3D, therefore these plates are fully road legal.

Are 4D Laser Cut Number Plates Legal?

Absolutely.  The jet black acrylic characters have been designed and laser cut to match standard Charles Wright Font text with exacting standards. The number plate material that you add this text style to, like all of our number plates, be made to the same British Standards (BS AU 145d) that all legal number plates must adhere to.

Why 4D Number Plates?

The latest addition to our text styles, 4D laser cut plates uses acrylic that is configurable to any of our number plate sizes and materials. The new raised style adds an even more personal and premium feel to your bespoke number plate design.

You can also add a different colour to fit underneath which we call 4D plus or 4D plus with fluorescent which we call 4D Neon. (3D Plus or 4D Laser Cut Plates are the same product, but go by different names) Need more info about our 4D laser cut plates? Get in touch.

4D Number Plates | 4D Neon Plates

4D Number Plates | 4D Neon

Why buy your 4d plates from us?

  • Professional laser cutting equipment
  • Ultra-strength 3M adhesive backing
  • Premium standard materials and service
  • Customer Service team a phone call away
  • Next day delivery available if you order before 3pm

Though the process of making these products is more meticulous than our other options, we have worked hard in our preparation to ensure your order will have no delays and like our other products will be with you within 2 working days of placing your order.

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  • Intuitive Plate Builder
  • Quality Assured Plates
  • Flexible Customisation Options
  • Amazing Customer Support Team
  • Super-Fast dispatch
  • Next Day Delivery Available
  • 100% UK Road Legal Plates

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