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Dateless Number Plates

Find The Perfect Dateless Plates For Your Vehicle

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If you’re looking for dateless number plates, then you’re in the right place! Dateless registrations are the perfect way of keeping the age of your vehicle hidden from prying eyes, and gives your car an element of immortality. 

What are dateless number plates?

Dateless plates display a registration number which was first issued between 1903 and 1962, and unlike other styles, does not contain a date identifier such as a letter or the year the plate was issued. As a result of this, dateless registrations can be assigned to any vehicle, regardless of its age. All of this makes dateless registration numbers highly sought after and valuable. Dateless private plates are also known as cherished plates

With the majority of dateless car registrations only displaying a handful of characters, they look great on short number plates! Short number plates take up less room on the bumper of a car, making it more aesthetically pleasing, and meaning that your car really stands out…and it’s all because of your dateless personalised number plates!

dateless plates image

Dateless plates image