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You may want to purchase dateless number plates to keep the age of your vehicle under wraps. As the original type of number plate, this is the easiest way to give your car an immortal dateless registration. It is difficult to trace what year or era this type of registration number actually dates back to.

What are dateless number plates?

The ruling regarding making a vehicle appear newer than it actually is does not apply to these number plates. Dateless registrations in their nature do not display any age identifiers. This means that you can display them on any vehicle regardless of its year of manufacture. This makes it a very sought after type of cherished number plate.

Shorter in their appearance, they would be a terrific match for our short number plates. These are road legal laser cut number plates that take up less room on the bumper of your pride and joy.

What were the first dateless plates?

The very first dateless number plates consist of one or two letters, a single space, and a number from 1 to 9999.

You may well have heard of the well documented ‘A 1’ dateless plates. When registration plates were first issues back in 1903, a prefix of one or two letter was in reference to the area the the vehicle was registered. In the case of this dateless reg, ‘A’ was assign to London. ‘A 1’ was therefore the first in line to be issued to a vehicle in the UK.

Other area codes that were used around this time where combinations like ‘AJ’, which covered North Yorkshire. The reg ‘AJ 1’ was assign to a police vehicle driven by the Chief Constable at the time, Sir Robert Bower. That particular plate was actually recently sold by the constabulary for a huge £243,000 at auction. Meaning a plate of this style could be a tremendous investment.

Due to a humongous increase in the sale and use of motor vehicles in the decades following, the letter in the suffix were increased to include three letters, like “AAA”, and three numbers like “999”. Once the limit of different combinations have been reached again, it was flipped. So, the reg started with three number, a space, then three letters.

This was updated again in the 1960’s when the different sequences were once again fulfilled. Regs with four numbers were introduced with examples like “9999 AA” or the reverse “AA 9999” being available.

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Do you have cheap dateless registrations for sale?

Of course. Within the vast amounts of registrations that we have in our database, we have a huge selection of date-free registrations. Simply search for something like a name, initials or date in our search section. You will then be served with 1000’s of choices.

To be available for purchase today, registrations will have had to have been transferred to other vehicles, or placed on retention. This is because if the vehicle was scrapped with the assign number on it, then the registration would be scrapped along with it. Although many combinations have been lost over the years since their implementation many have remained, which again makes them all the more desirable. These are a similar style to our Irish number plates, which also share the timeless look.