Morgan Number Plates

Replacement number plates for Morgans.

Morgan is a British car manufacturer which was founded in 1910. Based in Malvern, Worcestershire, Morgan hand build their cars to order, much like fellow british manufacturer Noble, and currently produce around 800 cars per year. If at any point you look to buy a Morgan brand new, you could be looking at a bit of a wait, wth typical waiting times of around six to eight months, although some have waited much longer due to the specification ordered.

What makes a Morgan different is that the frame of every single unit produced is made of wood, which is a stark contrast to the stainless steel, aluminium and carbon fibre used elsewhere. As the company themselves put it: 

“All Morgan cars are expertly crafted using three core elements: ash, aluminium and leather and are designed to work in harmony with the materials used to construct them. By pushing the boundaries of how long-established techniques can be applied, each Morgan car celebrates traditional manufacture while embracing modern design.”

Until 2019, the Morgan company was entirely family owned by descendants and relatives of the founder, Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan. However, on 5th March 2019 it was announced that Italian investment group Investindustrial would be taking a majority stake in the company. 


What size are Morgan number plates?

Standard UK size number plates measuring 520mm x 111mm will always fit on a Morgan car. Due to the way in which Morgan cars are made, it is not possible to get a custom size number plate for their models. Having said this, to keep in line with the aesthetics of the vehicle, some people may choose to fit pressed aluminium number plates to their Morgan, or for older models built pre-1980, then vintage plates may be the perfect option for you!

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