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Are Pressed Metal Number Plates Legal?

Pressed number plates are 100% road legal for use in the UK. As a registered number plate supplier all of the number plates that we sell including our pressed metal number plates are made to pass DVLA laws and abide by British Standard (BS AU 145d) regulations.

How do you make pressed metal number plates?

The system works by machines pressing the plates to within a 1% pressure bar. The exposed raw plates are fed through another machine which burns hot foil onto the protruding letters at over 200 degrees. Then they are cooled. It is this process which makes our German style number plates highly durable.

Why do you make pressed number plates like this?

This production method is used by state departments and Governments worldwide as well as in Germany and other European countries. All of our machinery and associated supplies are from Germany; we do not scrimp on costs.

The registration and number plates pressed are German made with 3M endorsement! 3M is the most expensive and best material approved for the distribution market. You won’t find a more durable pressed metal number plate – ours can even withstand a close-up jet wash attack.

Do you make pressed metal motorcycle number plates?

We certainly do. Using the same methods as with standard pressed aluminium number plates, though with dice (characters) that have been specially designed and manufactured to for the pressed metal motorcycle number plates to adhere to the character sizes on a legal UK motorcycle registration plate.

We offer more than just standard and motorcycle number plates too. From the high demand of black and silver pressed metal number plates that we have had over the past few months, we have added these to our selection too. Unfortunately, we are unable to manufacture short pressed plates at this time though we are looking to hopefully add this to our site in the very near future.

You can however design and order bespoke pressed aluminium show plates from us. If you order a novelty version of this German style, at your request we can remove the need for legal details. Remember though, this is only for plates displaying novelty characters, like your name.

Why buy your pressed aluminium number plates from us?

  • Durable, lasting aluminium plates that are sure to stand the test of time
  • Set yourself apart from the norm with raised 3D style characters
  • 100% road legal and fully compliant with DVLA Regulations and BS AU 145D.
  • Prices from £17.49!
  • Pressed Metal, German Style Number plates manufactured using the latest top of the range hydraulic press system.

Pressed Metal Number Plates

We can now also confirm that we are able to product pressed metal number plates for motorbikes! And if you’re looking for number plates that have that popping look, but you these plates just don’t do it for you, then take a look at our 4D laser cut plates


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