• Typing errors and typo’s?

    When you type your order out on our builder it will appear exactly as you type it so we advise you to carefully check the spacing as we can offer no compensation or reprints due to typing errors on your behalf, a warning pop up automatically appears if you don’t add a space to your registration and you have to click / tick the accept box to progress beyond this point. Our process is somewhat like a home network so when purchase the order and pay your registration film will automatically print off in our production area and will be stored until the documents have been seen ,verified and processed by our admin team, then a signal ticket is sent to the production team that the order can now be bonded to the solid backing and thus turning it into a legal number plate, at no point do the production team know how you have requested the spacing of your plate and will not check against the original order, so we are in no way responsible for the spacing you typed in. Please carefully type your correct registration and correct spacing.

  • How can I space my registration? Can you space out number plates?

    To mis-space or mis-represent the digits on number plates is an offence under the Road Vehicles (Registration & Licensing) Regulations 1971. Be sure to enter your registration number correctly because the finished number plates will be made to the same spacing you enter into our plate builder. Be sure to enter your registration number as shown on your Tax Disc, Log Book (V5) or DVLA document V796 (available in pdf on the web). This applies to number plates only and not novelty plates (names etc …).

    Very Important. You cannot simply make up a registration number and use it on the UK highway. Either yourself or the person you’re buying for must already own the registration number you will use. Number1Plates do not sell registration numbers, we simply make number plates.

    You can space your registration exactly as you would like and it will be made as you see online, but to be Road compliant you will only need to add one space in the registration and in the correct location. We leave the choice up to you as you know your Registration Number better than us!


  • Do your plates include your legal details?

    They certainly do in tiny writing at the bottom of the plates.  The details are “NUMBER1PLATES JE24UE BSAU 145e”. This is a legality  as it means the police or authorities can check if they are genuine and your vehicle will pass the MOT check. We do not use this for advertising that’s why we keep it so small.

  • Do you offer Trade discount for bulk orders?

    Yes, Please contact your sales team, and we can provide you with a quote!

  • Do you make show plates?


  • Do You Have Next Day Delivery?

    Not currently.

  • Can you have a slogan on your number plate?

    Yes, you can have a slogan on your number plate, however we would suggest that you use a lipped plate for this purpose if you are using your plates on the road.

  • Can I get a green number plate?

    All modern number plates are yellow on the rear and white on the front.

    If you would like a number plate with a green EV flash, then yes, you can get one of these from us. However, you must prove that your vehicle is eligible for one.

  • Can I cancel my order?

    Your right to cancel an order starts the moment you place your order and doesn’t end until 14 days from the day you receive your goods.

    There are some orders where you won’t have the right to cancel, These include items that are bespoke or personalised.

    Made up Number Plates are a bespoke item, therefore we are unable to offer a full refund, we can however refund the cost of your postage, accessories, and fitting kits.